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Mens Ties, Bow Ties and Cravats in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire

A stunning range of super stylish premium quality mens neckwear…

Discover our extensive range of mens neckwear, featuring a fabulous array of mens ties, mens bow-ties and mens cravats, all available from Sanders Menswear shops in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

Mens Ties and Bow Ties

Our stunning range of mens neckwear includes a wide and varied selection of stylish and luxurious Mens Neck Ties, Bow-Ties, and Cravats from renown quality neckwear brands including Douglas, Folkespeare, Rocola, Soprano and others, to help accessorise your look.

So whether you require neckwear for day to day wear at the office, a special occasion or as a gift for a loved one, we feel confident you'll find something you like and something that will be appreciated if bought as a gift.

Mens Ties…

Our Mens Tie range includes an extensive choice of mens neck ties, updated regularly with new designs, patterns and colours.

Mens Ties

Our tie range is updated frequently, but you will usually find the following sorts of ties in and amongst our range of mens ties…

  • Silk ties
  • Polyester ties
  • Plain coloured ties
  • Stripey ties
  • Checked ties
  • Polka dot ties
  • Spotted ties
  • Paisley patterned ties
  • Floral ties
  • High fashion silk ties
  • Patterned ties
  • Skinny ties
  • Brightly coloured ties
  • Subtle ties
  • Gift ties
  • Classic styles and designs
  • More modern and contemporary styles and designs

With such an extensive choice of ties to choose from there's usually something for everyone, no matter what your taste and style preferences may be.

Mens Bow Ties…

If you're a bow tie wearer, you'll be pleased to know we also stock a selction of quality mens bow ties, be it a stylish colourful bow tie for regular day-to-day wear or a sleek black silk bow tie from Rocola Eveningwear, we'll have something for you!

Mens Ties and Bow Ties
Rocola Eveningwear Bow Ties

Our mens bow tie range features…

  • Silk bow ties
  • Polyester bow ties
  • Self-tie bow ties
  • Pre-tied bow ties
  • Eveningwear bow ties
  • Bow ties for the office
  • Colourful bow ties
  • Patterned bow ties
  • Plain bow ties
  • Gift bow ties
  • Classic styles and designs
  • More modern and contemporary styles and designs

We appreciate bow ties aren't always everyones cup of tea. But for those who do appreciate them we'll hopefully have something in store that you'll appreciate.

And for those who have never tried a bow tie before, there's no time like the present to get started! They make a pleasantly refreshing change from regular neck ties, are highly fashionable, and can be quite a novel way of helping you stand out from the crowd and express your individuality, be it for a special occasion, or even daily office wear.

And once again as with neck ties, bow ties also make fabulous gift ideas — be it for regular bow tie wearers or as a Christmas surprise for those more set in their ways!

Mens Cravats…

In addition to the ruche cravats available in our formal suit hirewear range, we also usually have a selection of luxury mens cravats in store available to purchase if required including…

  • Silk cravats
  • Polyester cravats
  • Self-tie cravats
  • Pre-tied cravats

So if you have a special upcoming event on the horizon where a cravat will be required, perhaps a wedding, or day at the races, and already have your suits, or are buying / hiring your suits separately be it elsewhere or indeed from us, and would like a cravat to purchase so you use it again on a future occasion, we're confident we'll have something for you.

Mens neckwear brands…

Our mens neckwear range, as with all our menswear, features what we believe to be the very best menswear brands, well-known for their quality garments and often internationally so.

The mens tie brands we carry in our menswear shops in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire include quality neckwear brands such as…

  • Douglas
  • Folkespeare Neckwear
  • Rocola Eveningwear
  • Sax Design
  • Soprano

…and more. So you can be assured of a stylish and supremely high quality product when you purchase a tie, bow tie or indeed a cravat from our mens neckwear range.

Mens Tie Pins and Tie Bars

Here at Sanders Menswear amongst our menswear accessories we have a selection of stylish and quality tie pins / tie bars to help secure your tie in place to help prevent it from flapping around on windy days and also further accessorise your appearance.

As any tie-wearing gentleman who's experienced a windy day without one of these handy little accessories, it's a frustrating exercise having to constantly rescue your tie from over your shoulder every few seconds. It's not a particularly refined thing to have to keep doing.

That's why we feel every man should have a tie pin or two in their collection to help them stay dignified on those blustery days of ours.

And amazingly, many tie-wearing men don't have a tie pin or tie bar at their disposal.

So if you're one of those people, or you happen to know one of those people and are looking for a great gift idea, then why not pop into one of our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire menswear shops and see what we have in store.

We feel confident you'll find something you like at a very reasonable price.

Great Gift Ideas!

Our mens neckwear range makes for great gift ideas, be it a luxury silk tie, a stylish polyester tie, or a bow tie for the bow tie wearing gentleman, and as we've just mentioned tie pins / bars also make great gift ideas too.

There's no denying that a mens tie or bow tie is a really great gift idea be it for a birthday, Christmas, Fathers Day or just a nice surprise for someone to express your love and appreciation.

Afterall every man is likely to appreciate another tie to their collection affording them more variety in their wardrobe, and we feel confident we'll have something nice in store to suit most pockets. If you are worried about picking a style or colour that might not be appreciated, you can always elect to purchase a tie pin or tie bar instead as a gift, it's surprising just how many men don't have one of these handy and attractive menswear accessories.

So why not treat your loved one, or a friend to something special today!

Buy Mens Neckwear online…

We've recently launched our new online menswear shop. To begin with, we're just starting with a limited selection of best-selling menswear from our high street shops and taking things from there.

Whilst we're currently not selling any mens neckwear online in our online store just yet, we are indeed working towards making a range of mens ties and bow ties available to buy online in the not too distant future, so be sure to check back with us as our store grows in the months ahead.

We recommend following our various social media accounts for news and updates (links to our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages can be found at the top of the page, and in our site footer below), and be sure to sign up to our mailing list so you can be kept abreast of any news and updates!

See our mens neckwear range in our shops…

So, why not pop into our Menswear shops in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire region and see for yourself our range of mens ties, bow ties and cravats, and treat yourself or a loved one!

Come and see for yourself our large range of mens neckwear together with the rest of our extensive menswear range. We'd be delighted to see you and assure you of a warm friendly welcome.