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Buy Mens Formal Wear in Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire

Luxurious and exquisitely stylish mens formal wear available to purchase…
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If you're looking to buy mens formal wear, you'll be delighted to know that it's one of our specialist subjects here at Sanders Menswear of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire!

Mens Formal Black Tuxedo
Mens Formal Eveningwear range

Our mens formal wear range includes…

Amongst our extensive range of luxurious mens formal wear available to buy or hire in our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire menswear shops are…

  • Mens Formal Suits
  • Mens Black Tuxedos / Black Dinner Suits / Black Dinner Jackets
  • Mens White Tuxedos
  • Mens Lounge Suits
  • Mens Morning Suits
  • Mens Tailcoat Suits
  • Mens Edwardian Suits / Edwardian Jackets
  • Mens Frock Coats
  • Mens Black Tie Wear
  • Mens White Tie Wear
  • Mens Single Breasted Suits
  • Mens Double Breasted Suits
  • Mens Highland Wear (available for hire only)
  • Mens Dress Shirts / Wing Collar Shirts / Victorian Collar Shirts / Formal Shirts
  • Mens Waistcoats
  • Mens Cummerbunds
  • Mens Bow Ties
  • Mens Ruche Cravats
  • Mens Neck Ties
  • Mens Cufflinks
  • Mens Handkerchiefs
  • Mens Top Hats
  • Mens Formal Shoes
  • Boys Formal Wear

Our comprehensive mens formal wear range includes a wide variety of styles and designs from classic and traditional looks through to more contemporary and modern looks. We've a wide variety jacket and waistcoat styles in an extensive choice of colours with a huge amount of colourful neckwear to choose from, so you can tailor your look.

And if we don't have what you're looking for in your size in stock, we can make arrangements to obtain it for you with a spring in our step!

Formal wear for all occasions

Whatever the occasion, be it a special evening out that requires a tuxedo or dinner suit, a formal suit for a wedding, christening, school prom, a white tuxedo for a summer event or luxury cruise, or a morning suit for a day at the races such as Ascot, or even a royal appointment of some form, we feel confident we'll have something for you!

Mens Formal Ascot Morning Suit

Our comprehensive and extensive mens formal suit range includes luxurios mens formal wear and suits from award-winning formal suits specialists including Peter Posh and Cameron Ross of Scotland.

All formal suit hirewear from the Peter Posh hirewear collection is also available to buy. Our Highland Wear range by Cameron Ross of Scotland is only available for hire.

Furthermore we've a stunning selection of mens luxury formal wear garments and accessories by Rocola Eveningwear including Dress Shirts, Silk Cummerbunds and Silk Bow Ties.

Mens Formal Wedding Suit

Quality mens formal wear brands…

Amongst some of the many quality mens formal wear brands we carry in our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire menswear shops are…

Rocola Eveningwear graphic

As with all the menswear we carry in our high street menswear shops, we choose only the very finest quality brands for our mens formalwear, some of whom are award-winning experts in their respective fields such as Peter Posh and Cameron Ross, and all of which are renown for their supreme quality and exquisitely stylish mens formal wear.

Hire or buy your formal wear!

As well as being able to of course hire your formal suit from our extensive formal suit hire range in our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire shops, you may be pleased to hear that you can also purchase mens formal suits and indeed other mens formal wear from us too!

Of course, on some occasions, it may make better financial sense to instead hire your formal suit, such as weddings.

However, if you'd rather buy a formal suit from us, be it a black dinner suit, white tuxedo, wedding suit, Ascot morning suit, lounge suit or any of the accompaniments that go with such an outfit, from silk bow ties and silk cummerbunds through to dress wing collar shirts and cravats, we're pleased to report that we also sell mens formal wear too!

Sometimes it can actually make more economic sense to purchase your formal suit instead of hiring it, if you think you can get some extra mileage out of it rather than just for the single wear on one occasion.

We find that sometimes our customers would rather buy a Tuxedo, Dinner Suit, Lounge Suit or Ascot Suit as these are often occasions and events where there is a good possibility they will have cause to wear such an outfit on more than one occasion. And of course where this is the case it can indeed make better sense to buy rather than repeatedly hire.

Buy Mens Formal Wear online…

We've recently launched our brand new online menswear shop here on the site. To begin with, we're just starting with a limited selection of best-selling menswear from our high street menswear shops in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

At the present time we're not yet selling mens formal wear online, although we are working towards adding a range of mens formal wear garments and accessories in our store in the future, so please stay tuned!

We recommend following our various social media accounts for news and updates (links to our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages can be found at the top of the page, and in our site footer below), and be sure to sign up to our mailing list so you can be kept abreast of any news and updates!

See our quality mens formal wear in our shops…

So if you have a special occasion on the horizon requiring mens formal wear, and live regionally close to us then why not consider paying us a visit to one of our high street Menswear shops in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire region and see for yourself our fabulous range of mens formal wear available to buy or hire.

Whilst you're here you can also explore the rest of our extensive menswear range featuring only the very best menswear brands. We'd be delighted to see you and assure you of a warm friendly welcome.