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Mens Casual Wear in Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire

Stylish quality casual wear for men by world class menswear brands…
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Our range of supremely stylish mens casual wear includes all manner of casual wear for men including shirts, knitwear, trousers, jeans, footwear and more from world class brands such as Anatomic & Co., Barbour, Benvenuto, Camel Active, Douglas, Fynch-Hatton, Meyer, Olymp, Peter England, Remus Uomo and many more all available to buy in our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire menswear shops, and a growing selection also now available to buy online!

Mens Casual Wear

Quality Casual Wear for men - because quality counts…

If you're looking for quality casual wear for men, by premium menswear brands, then our mens casual wear range in our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire menswear shops (with a growing range becoming available to buy online as well) is bound to please.

Featuring supremely stylish mens casual wear clothing, including casual trousers and denim jeans through to casual shirts and knitwear, footwear, coats and jackets and more, from world class menswear brands, renown for the premium quality menswear, and often internationally so, and often for many decades (even centuries in some instances!), our extensive mens casual wear range is impressive to say the least.

It's true that quality usually comes at a price, though we believe it doesn't have to be an unreasonable one! So the menswear together with the menswear brands we carry is carefully selected to ensure we only offer products that represent outstanding value for money.

And there's more good news! If you buy your mens casual wear online in our recently launched online store, you'll hopefully be pleased to hear we offer absolutely FREE DELIVERY on all orders to UK delivery addresses!

So without further ado let's explore our quality mens casual wear lineup available in our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire based menswear shops with a continually growing selection becoming available to buy online…

Mens Casual Shirts…

We've a fabulous array of casual shirts for men here in our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire menswear shops, from world class brands in a range of different styles, colours, and of course sizes.

Mens Casual Shirts
Mens Casual Shirts

Leading shirt brands we carry in our mens casual shirts range include…

  • Barbour
  • Benvenuto
  • Camel Active
  • Fynch-Hatton
  • Hatico
  • Olymp
  • Peter England
  • Remus Uomo
  • Viyella

…and others too.

Mens Casual Shirts

Amongst the mens casual shirts, we often have the following kinds of mens casual shirts available…

  • Long-sleeve shirts
  • Short-sleeve shirts
  • Plain colour shirts
  • Striped shirts
  • Country shirts
  • Sporting shirts
  • Field shirts
  • Checked shirts
  • Tartan shirts
  • Polo shirts
  • Rugby shirts
  • Moleskin shirts
  • Corduroy shirts
  • Herringbone shirts

… and more.

From plain coloured casual shirts, through to colourful striped and checked casual shirts, through to classic country checked casual shirts, we're confident we'll have a premium quality mens casual shirt from a world class brand that you will like.

You can now BUY MENS CASUAL SHIRTS ONLINE in our recently launched online store as well. We've a growing selection in a range of colours and sizes from world class brands including Peter England with more to come shortly as we greatly expand our range of online shirts in the near future. Best of all we offer entirely FREE DELIVERY to all UK delivery addresses.

Mens Knitwear and tops - Jumpers, Tops, Cardigans, Fleeces etc…

We've a good selection of mens knitwear and tops from premium quality, world-class brands from Peter England (formerley Tootal), through to Fynch-Hatton, Peter Gribby and others, ideal for those colder months of the year, with more lightweight tops and knitwear that are perfect those less colder times.

Mens Casual Wear Knitwear
Mens Casual Wear Knitwear

Amongst our mens casual tops range you'll often find a good selection of the following in our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire menswear shops…

  • Knitwear
  • Jumpers
  • Cardigans
  • Fleeces
  • Sweaters
  • Sweatshirts
  • Zip Tops
  • Polo Neck Jumpers
  • V Neck Tops
  • Mens Crew Neck Tops
  • Cashmere Tops
  • Slipovers / Tank Tops
Mens Casual Wear Knitwear

We believe if you're looking for a quality mens top, be it a jumper, cardigan, fleece, knitwear or any other top, by a world class menswear brand, we'll have something in store to suit you!

Mens Casual Trousers & Denim Jeans…

We also have a stunning range of premium quality mens trousers and denim jeans to choose from world class brands including Meyer Hosen, world renown for their attention to detail, details and features, quality craftsmanship and Italian design flair.

Mens Casual Trousers
Mens Meyer Denim Jeans

Our mens casual trousers include a variety of colours, styles, fabrics and of course sizes, from some of the worlds very best mens trouser brands such as Meyer.

We usually have the following types of mens trousers available in our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire menswear shops here in the East Midlands…

  • Casual Trousers
  • Smart Trousers
  • Denim Jeans
  • Chinos
  • Cargo Pants
  • Coloured Trousers
  • Wool Trousers / Wool Blend Trousers
  • Linen Trousers
  • Corduroys

As well as…

  • Shorts
  • Swimwear / Trunks
Mens Casual Trousers

So whatever it is you're looking for in terms of a pair of trousers and jeans, we're certain we'll have a pair of premium quality mens trousers or denim jeans by a world class brand that you'll like.

You can now also visit our ONLINE MENSWEAR SHOP and BUY MENS TROUSERS ONLINE, including the option to BUY MENS CASUAL TROUSERS ONLINE and BUY MENS DENIM JEANS ONLINE from a growing selection available in our online store, with ABSOLUTELY FREE DELIVERY available to all UK delivery addresses!

It's early days for our online store, we're just starting out, many more products will be added in the coming weeks and months so stay tuned!

Mens Casual Outerwear - Coats, Jackets, Waistcoats etc…

We've a comprehensive and extensive range of fabulously stylish premium quality mens casual outerwear to choose from here in our high street menswear shops, by world class brands.

Mens Casual Coats and Jackets

From the likes of Barbour, Benvenuto, Camel Active, Douglas, Remus Uomo, Wellington and Woodland Leathers Limited, all premium quality brands so you can be certain of a high quality casual coat or jacket, be it a waxed jacket, leather jacket or sports jacket. Theres a fabulous selection to choose from.

Read more about our mens casual coats and jackets range here.

Mens Casual Footwear - Shoes, Boots, Slippers etc…

If you're looking for a quality pair of mens casual footwear, then you'll hopefully be delighted with our mens footwear range here in our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire based menswear shops. From casual shoes and boots, through to quality comfort footwear, country footwear, wellington boots, slippers and trainers, we're confident you'll find something that appeals.

Mens Casual Footwear

As with all our menswear, we only carry what we consider to be the worlds very finest menswear brands, renown for their exquisitely stylish menswear including our mens footwear range, including casual footwear by world renown Anatomic & Co. — The Comfort Shoemakers™, world famous for their supremely comfortable and exquisitely stylish mens footwear including shoes and boots, all expertly handcrafted ethically and featuring the innovative Anatomic Gel technology.

You can read more about our mens footwear range in store here.

Furthermore, you can now BUY MENS CASUAL SHOES ONLINE from our recently launched online store. We've a growing selection of mens comfort footwear available from Anatomic & Co., in a range of exquisitely stylish designs and colours and sizes all affording the very best comfort to be found in a pair of mens footwear! Simply put, you're unlikely to find a more comfortable pair of mens shoes and boots! Remember if you buy online and live in the UK, we offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders!

Quality mens casual wear brands…

Did we mention already that we only carry premium quality menswear brands? We probably did! But it's worth mentioning again! We're careful to only choose premium quality products from world class brands in our high street menswear shops as well as our recently launched online menswear shop, so you can be assured of premium quality menswear when you shop at Sanders Menswear!

Amongst some of the many quality casual menswear brands we carry are…

  • Anatomic & Co.
  • Azor La Mode
  • Barbour
  • Barker
  • Benvenuto
  • Camel Active
  • Carabou Menswear
  • Douglas
  • Farah
  • Front
  • Fynch-Hatton
  • HJ Hall
  • Hugo James
  • Peter Gribby Ltd.
  • Hatico
  • Magee
  • Meyer
  • Olymp
  • Peter England
  • Remus Uomo
  • Tilley Endurables
  • Tootal
  • UKD
  • Viyella
  • Wellington
  • Wolsey
  • Woodland Leathers Ltd.

Great gift ideas!

Whether it's a gift for Christmas, a Birthday, Fathers Day, or just a present to show someone that you love them, we're confident that we'll have some suitable premium quality mens casualwear by a world class brand that will make an excellent gift.

So be it a quality piece of mens knitwear from the likes of Fynch-Hatton or Tootal (now rebranded as Peter England), or a pair of premium quality mens denim jeans through to a premium quality casual coat by the likes of Barbour, we'll have something that is bound to please amongst our extensive and comprehensive range of mens casual wear.

If you live locally, pop in and see our mens casual wear range in store, or if you live further afield, remember we have a growing range of menswear now available to buy online too, and don't forget, delivery is free to all UK addresses!

Buy Mens Casual Wear online…

If you haven't already gathered, we've recently launched our new online menswear shop here on the site.

To begin with, we're just starting with a limited selection of best-selling menswear from our high street shops, including a selected range of popular Anatomic & Co. shoes and boots in a wide variety of styles, colours and of course sizes, Meyer Denim Jeans and Meyer Roma Wool Blend Trousers, and Peter England Shirts. Rest asssured that much more is on the way in the months ahead!

Don't forget we offer entirely FREE DELIVERY on all online orders to UK destinations!

We'll be expanding our online mens casual wear range significantly in the months ahead with more premium quality mens casual wear from world class menswear brands, so please stay tuned if you don't find what you're looking for today.

We recommend following our various social media accounts for news and updates (links to our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages can be found at the top of the page, and in our site footer below), and be sure to sign up to our mailing list so you can be kept abreast of any news and updates!

See our quality mens casual wear in our shops…

If you live locally, why not pay a visit to one of our high street Menswear shops in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire region and see for yourself our fabulous range of mens quality casual wear for yourself, and treat yourself or a loved one to something special!

Whilst you're here you can also explore the rest of our extensive menswear range featuring only the very best menswear brands. We'd be delighted to see you and assure you of a warm friendly welcome.