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Rocola Evening Shirts in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire

Exquisitely elegant formal dress shirts available to buy in our menswear shops…

At Sanders Menswear of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire we're proud to carry the exquisitely elegant range of Rocola Evening Shirts from world class mens formal eveningwear brand, Rocola Eveningwear, featuring luxurious formal dress shirts from Rocola's Black Label and White Label Eveningwear ranges.

Discover the mens Rocola Evening Shirt collection featuring the Rocola Black Label and Rocola White Label ranges at Sanders Menswear of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire…

Rocola Evenings Shirts by Rocola Eveningwear picture

Rocola Pleated Front Dress Shirt…

The Pleated Front Dress Shirt from Rocola is quite simply the absolute height of sophistication for formal eveningwear!

At the heart of the design of the Rocola Pleated Front Dress Shirt are the fabulous vertical pleating features, a detail that gives that extra touch of class and elegance for your special night. The pleated front shirt is a classic shirt style for black tie eveningwear. There is a fine pleated version and a more prominent pleated version.

Classic Collar and Wing Collar styles…

This shirt comes with two different collar styles, the standard classic downturned collar, or the more traditional upturned wing collar style.

Wing collared shirts, sometimes mistakenly referred to as wingtip collars, have triangular upturned points at the front of the neckband and are the most traditional collar for white tie eveningwear - the most formal evening dress code which is typically associated with banquets, opera and balls, but not necessarily limited to those events.

All that said, for most events, the collar style is usually a matter of personal choice and preference. Our in store sales assistants will be delighted to provide their expertise if you are at all unsure about anything.

Rocola Plain Front Dress Shirt…

We'll have you know that the Plain Front Dress Shirt from Rocola is not quite as plain as it sounds!

Whilst the Rocola Plain Front Dress Shirt does not feature the fancy pleating of the Rocola Pleated Front Dress Shirt, its still an exquisitely beautiful shirt. It's perhaps a more conservative, and less ostentatious shirt than its aforementioned counterpart, and we think might be the ideal choice for the more reserved gentleman when it comes to black tie or white tie wear.

As with the Pleated Front Rocola Dress Shirt, the Plain Front Rocola Dress Shirt is also available in two different collar styles, the classic regular collar, or with the more traditional wing collar traditionally more suited to white tie affairs.

This shirt type also has a concealed fly front placket.

White Evening Shirts and Black Evening Shirts…

This particular shirt from Rocola is usually available as a white evening shirt and a black evening shirt as well.

Rocola Fly Front Satin Ribbed Dress Shirt…

As well as the plain and pleated front Evening Shirts from Rocola Eveningwear, Rocola also produce a Satin Ribbed Dress shirt, a subtle evening shirt with a classic standard downturned collar, and very fine satin ribbing detail on the front with a concealer placket known as a fly front.

Rocola Marcella Front Dress Shirt…
an exquisitely subtle patterned formal evening shirt from Rocola…

Another shirt in the Rocola Evening Shirt collection is the wonderfully exquisite 100% pure cotton Marcella Front Dress Shirt.

The Rocola Marcella Front Dress Shirt is a patterned formal evening shirt from Rocola that features an ultra elegant honeycomb/golf-ball style textured patterning on the front for that extra special finish. And being made from 100% cotton, the Marcella evening shirt affords that extra special bit of cool comfort to help keep you feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Features of the Rocola Evening Shirts range

Amongst some of the many features to be found within many of the shirts in the Rocola Evening Shirts range are…

  • Double cuffs (requiring cuff links)
  • Machine Washable
  • Black Studs

Some of the shirts in the Rocola Evening Shirts range are cotton rich, consisting of 100% cotton for extra softness and breathability, whilst other shirts are a mixture of either 65% polyester / 35% cotton, or 70% polyester / 30% cotton.

Rocola Evening Shirt Sizes

Rocola Eveningwear manufacture their evening shirt collection in sizes ranging from a 14" collar up to an 18" collar in .5" increments (i.e. 14", 14.5", 15", 15.5", 16", 16.5", 17", 17.5" collar sizes).

Some Rocola Evening shirts are also manufactured in extra large sizes from an 18.5" collar, through to a 19", 19.5", 20", 21" and going up to a 22" collar size.

Here at our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire menswear shops, we carry an extensive selection of Mens Rocola Evening Shirts, and usually have most styles and sizes available in all three of our stores, and if we happen to not have the size you require, we can usually source any manufactured size available for you direct from the manufacturers very speedily at no additional cost.

You may wish to contact us prior to paying us a visit to see if we have what you're looking for available in your size.

Why choose a Rocola Evening Shirt?

Rocola have a long-established and enviable reputation that dates all the way back to the 1830's, and are recognised as a leading brand when it comes to mens formal eveningwear.

The Rocola Evening Shirts range affords a level of sophistication, elegance and class for your special black tie or white tie evening out like few other brands can.

But just why are Rocola Evening Shirts so special, you may well be asking yourself.

Well, it all comes down to their exquisite design and high quality manufacture, where no attention to detail is spared! In fact, we think its fairly safe to say that the name Rocola is synonymous with quality in the world of mens formalwear.

So if you have a special evening out, that requires either black tie or white tie formal eveningwear — then there's no doubt about it… a Rocola Evening Shirt from Rocola Eveningwear is the only way to go!

Accompanying accessories for your Rocola Evening Shirt…

You'll be pleased to know that there are an accompanying range of accessories from Rocola Eveningwear to go with your Rocola Evening Shirt.

A Rocola Evening Shirt can be accessorised with other Rocola Eveningwear garments to finish off your look for that special night out.

Rocola Eveningwear accessories include Rocola Silk Bow Ties as well as the delightfully elegant Rocola Silk Cummerbunds all of which are designed to help you look and feel supremely sophisticated and elegant, leaving you free to enjoy your special night out, whatever the occasion, with confidence.

I need a Tuxedo to go with my Rocola Evening Shirt, can you help?

We certainly can!

At Sanders Menswear we carry an extensive range of mens formal suit hire wear in our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire menswear shops, which includes an extensive collection of mens evening wear hire featuring black Tuxedo's / Dinner Suits / Dinner Jackets as well as white Tuxedo's from the stunning and award-winning Peter Posh Formal Suit Hire range.

Mens Formal Eveningwear to hire or buy!

If you think you're only likely to require a tuxedo for just one upcoming occasion you may have on the cards, then it probably makes good sense to simply hire your eveningwear from us.

However, it could make good economic sense to purchase your tuxedo / dinner suit from us if you think you may have extra opportunities in the future to wear formal eveningwear, in which case you'll be pleased to know that you can also buy evening suits from us as well.

Buy Mens Rocola Evening Shirts online…

We've recently launched our new online menswear shop here on the site. To begin with, we're just starting with a limited selection of best-selling menswear from our high street shops. Whilst we are not yet selling Rocola Evening Shirts online, it is something we are working towards for the near future and we'll explore the range in closer detail with photographs to browse through, so please stay tuned if you're looking to buy Rocola Evening Shirts online.

We recommend following our various social media accounts for news and updates (links to our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages can be found at the top of the page, and in our site footer below), and be sure to sign up to our mailing list so you can be kept abreast of any news and updates!

See Rocola Evening Shirts in our menswear shops…

In the meantime, why not pay a visit to one of our high street Menswear shops in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire region and see the stunning Rocola Evening Shirts and Eveningwear range for yourself, together with the rest of our extensive range of menswear featuring premium quality menswear from world class menswear brands.

We'd be delighted to see you and assure you of a warm friendly welcome.