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Copyright information

Details of copyright for our website and its content…

This website is our shop window to the world and is a pride and joy of ours. As such we are passionate about protecting our work, in all aspects, including copy, artwork, site design and site design features.

Here we provide details of the copyright information relating to our website and any materials associated with it.

The materials contained in this website including copy, text, graphics / imaging, design features, and their selection and arrangement (look and feel), together with any underlying source code in any of the pages and documents supporting those pages belong to and are strictly the property and copyright © of Sanders Menswear, and where appropriate, the manufacturers we carry in-store and online, our affiliates, and our technology providers unless otherwise stated. All rights are reserved.

None of the material that constitutes this website may be reproduced, redistributed or modified in any way, in whole or in part, in print, electronically or otherwise, for commercial or non-commercial use without receiving express prior written permission from Sanders Menswear.

You may however download any page, or print one copy of any page for your own personal and non-commercial offline viewing only in relation to ordering a product online from us but you must not use any materials contained on this website for any other purpose. No part of this website and it's content may be used by anybody else on any other website without written consent from Sanders Menswear.

Logo's, names, images and trademarks on our website are proprietary rights of Sanders Menswear or are licensed to us or we have authorisation for their use. We do not grant or permit users of our website the right to use any such logo, name, image or trademark without express prior written permission from us. However, we do not make any warranty or representation in respect of any other trademark. The trademarks and logos of the brands featured on our website belong to their respective owners.

Sanders Menswear are authorised distributors of the Peter Posh Formal Suit Hirewear collections by Peter Posh together with the Cameron Ross Highland Wear collection from the Cameron Ross Company of Scotland and as such we use imagery from their sales brochures, of which copyright belongs to their respective owners.

We check for internet copyright infringements on our content using specialist services, and will consider legal action to the fullest extent for any unauthorised publication, copying, hiring, lending or reproduction which we feel may constitute a breach of copyright.