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Accessibility information

Details of our website accessibility features and goals…

Here we detail our accessibility practices and features we have implemented throughout our site, look at how to get the best out of our site, and also detail our future accessibility goals and intentions for our website.


Here at Sanders Menswear we recognise and understand the importance of website accessibility and ensuring our website is as accessible as possible to people of all abilities and disabilities.

We are fully committed to ensuring our website is accessible to the widest range of users possible regardless of technology or ability, and as such we are constantly working to improve the accessibility and useability of our website.

Getting the best experience from our website…

Our website can be viewed on a range of different screen sizes, from desktop computers, through to portable and mobile devices such as laptops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

The size of text on our pages can be easily changed using your particular browsers settings to increase or decrease the text / font size. Read more on how to change your browsers font size and covers a range of browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari.

Changing settings…

Using your web browser, you should be easily able to change the size of text on this website. You can also make other helpful changes in your browser, as well as within your computer / device generally.

One excellent resource we've found for things you can change on your computer / device and browsing software is available on the BBC website 'My Web My Way'.

Web standards and technologies…

This website was originally built to conform to W3C standards for HTML and CSS. These technologies are relied upon throughout the site. As a consequence of having recently redesigned much of our site to incorporate an online store we will need to revalidate our pages in the coming months to ensure they continue to conform to these standards.

The site should display correctly in the latest versions of all popular web browsers, and should degrade gracefully in older versions of browsers. However, on that note we recommend all users always use the very latest version of their browsing software, and keep it up to date, and not older versions which may have security vulnerabilities. Many browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox update automatically to the latest version.

Additionally, our website facilitates the use of JavaScript and occasionally links to third-party documents that use PDF Technology. These technologies are not relied upon to use the site, and the website should still be useable without them.

Accessibility practices and features implemented…

Amongst some of the accessibility features and practices we've implemented and applied to our website are…

  • Skip to Main Content link:
    We've provided a 'Skip to main content' link (also known as a 'skip to' or 'skip' link) as the first element at the top of every page enabling those using screen-reading software to immediately by-pass navigational and page header / page masthead elements and dive right into the main page content. All users can use and activate skip links by pressing the tab key twice immediately after a page has loaded until the skip to main content link appears in a box at the very top-left of a page, pressing the return key will then subsequently activate the link.
  • Site Search and Store Search:
    We've included a site search facility to search our entire site (found at the very top centre area of all pages across the site) as well as a separate search facility to search for products in our online store which can be found in the navigation on the left-hand side of all our online store pages.
  • Images:
    Our site has been designed to be fully functional and readable with text-based browsers or with images disabled. Using the HTML "alt" attribute, we've provided descriptive explanations of any text that may be embedded within an image as well as provided details as to what information an image may convey where appropriate. Any images that are used for purely decorative or formatting purposes only have empty alt attributes.
  • Scripts:
    Throughout our site we facilitate the use of JavaScript to enhance and improve the overall usability and site experience for those users who are able to benefit from these features. Where possible and appropriate we have endeavoured to provide alternate functionality for these scripts for those users who may have JavaScript disabled in their browsing device. However, our site is not dependent on the use of JavaScript and should be entirely useable without it.
  • Tables:
    Our site generally only uses tables for the presentation of tabular data only - and not for website layout purposes which is controlled by cascading style sheets. We have tried to ensure any tables used for the presentation of tabular data use correct mark-up, and avoid using structural mark-up wherever possible, and also include captions where appropriate. However, we are aware that due to the ecommerce software we use, that some content in our online store facilitates the use of tables for presentational purposes. We are hoping to rectify this as much as possible in times ahead.
  • Forms:
    All forms on our website can be accessed and navigated solely through the use of a keyboard.
  • Pop-up's / New Browser Windows and Tabs:
    This website aims to entirely avoid the use of pop-up windows for any purpose and with one minor exception which we are aiming to rectify, we believe we do. Additionally, almost all internal site links should open in the current browser window and tab (where appropriate), with the exception of links to PDF documents which may open in a new browser tab. External site links will open in a new browser tab.
  • Frames:
    We do not make use of frames or i-frames on our website for any purpose if we can possibly help it, as they have the potential to hinder website accessibility. We do however currently facilitate the use of iframes for embedded 'how to find us' third party map objects on pages detailing each of our menswear stores. As these map objects are provided to us via a third party, we are unable to at this juncture to include them by any other means.
  • Navigation:
    We aim to maintain consistent menu, header and footer navigation throughout the pages of this website. We believe the site is also fully accessible using the keyboard and can also be navigated with scripting disabled. Our navigational links are logically grouped and clearly identified.
  • Colour schemes:
    Careful and selective use of text colours and background colours, especially where text appears, to ensure all text is legible.
  • Flashing / blinking text and imagery:
    We have avoided the use of flickering, flashing, blinking animated graphical/text elements.

Present accessibility limitations…

Mobile devices:

Whilst our website is perfectly viewable and useable on desktop computers, laptops, notebooks, most tablet devices, and some smartphone devices, we are aware of shortcomings and limitations when it comes to viewing the site on many smaller mobile devices (i.e. smartphones and some tablets).

We'll be working towards rectifying this in times ahead, and whilst it's a major undertaking for our limited resources, it is indeed something we wish to put in place as soon as we can, so our website is accessible, viewable and useable on as many devices as possible.

Other issues:

We're not aware of any other major accessibility issues at this point in time, however we are aware that we have a lot of work to do in meeting various accessibility guidelines and standards levels which is something we are striving for in the months ahead.

However, if you are having difficulty using our website in its current form, in any respect, or have encountered any kind of accessibility issue, we'd of course like to know about it in order that we may try and rectify the matter moving forward.

We recommend if you have encountered any kind of issue to visit our feedback page and tell us about it there offering as much information as you can about the accessibility issues you have encountered, and we will gladly investigate the matter to see how we can improve matters.

Future accessibility goals…

Our goals for this site, both short-term and long-term are to…

  • to ensure our redesigned site and newly integrated ecommerce pages validate and conform to W3C standards for HTML and CSS, the key underlying technologies for our website
  • to ensure our site is accessible, viewable and useable on the vast majority of mobile devices
  • to ensure our website is fully accessible to people using keyboard-only control and screen reader access
  • to meet and conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0
  • to undertake colour deficiency testing on pages across our site
  • to maintain any accessibility standards we achieve moving forward

These are no small undertakings, but they are targets we are actively working towards.

Send us feedback…

Whilst we strive to ensure our website is as accessible as it possibly can be to everyone on any browsing device, there can be major challenges involved in doing so which can take a lot of time and expertise and an understanding of the needs of all users.

We are only human, and despite our best efforts, we may not get things right every time, either now or in the future, when it comes to accessibility. Technology and internet technology is a fastly developing area and a continual learning process for us - but one which we must strive to continually improve upon.

We are always looking to improve our site, and help people get the best possible experience they can from our site, so if you feel there is information that should be included on this page that currently isn't, or if you have experienced any accessibility problems or difficulties in the course of using our website then please be sure to get in touch with us.

We recommend using our Feedback form to tell us more about the problem / issues you may have encountered. Please be sure to let us know as much as you can about the nature of the problem you have experienced in order for us to try and help improve our website.

We can't always promise we'll be able to rectify any difficulties or issues you may have encountered, but we'll most certainly look into them and see what we can do in order to improve the site.