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Mens Evening Suit Hire in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire
Evening Suits and Evening Wear for men available to hire from Sanders Menswear…

Have a special evening out on the horizon and are looking for mens evening suit hire? Then discover our Mens Evening Suit hire wear range featuring an elegant and sophisticated range of mens evening wear to hire from Sanders Menswear of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

Our Mens Evening Wear hirewear range…

If you've got a special evening or 'black tie do' event on the horizon that requires you to be suitably attired in formal evening wear then we think you'll be delighted with our mens evening wear range by the award-winning Peter Posh.

Mens Evening Suit Hire picture - black tuxedo

Our Mens Evening Wear hirewear range features a stunning array of Mens Evening Suits including Tuxedo's, Dinner Suits / Jackets, Dress Shirts, Handkerchiefs, Cummerbunds, Bow Ties and more, all of which can either be hired or purchased.

Amongst some of the many different items we can provide from our extensive mens evening wear range are…

  • Tuxedo's (including Black Tuxedo's and White Tuxedo's)
  • Dinner Suits / Dinner Jackets
  • Lounge Suits
  • Dress Shirts
  • Cummerbunds
  • Bow Ties
  • Cuff Links
  • Waistcoats
  • Handkerchiefs

and more!

So if you have special evening requiring formalwear coming up, then be sure to visit one of our high street shops in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire and discover our range of mens evening suits available for hire.

Mens Evening Suit Hire picture - black tuxedo

What is a 'black tie do' / 'black tie' event?…

If you've had an invitation to a formal night out that describes the dress code as 'Black Tie' and you are unsure about what that means precisely then don't worry you're not alone, it's a question we are often asked here at Sanders Menswear.

Strict 'Black Tie' events...

If your invitation to a formal night out describes the dress code as 'Black Tie', 'Strict Black Tie', 'Black Tie only', 'Black Tie required' or 'Black Tie compulsory' or any phrase of a similar nature then it indicates that the event hosts expect you to wear a black tuxedo jacket / dinner suit to your event without exception.

This should be worn together optionally with a black silk cummerbund around the waist. A white dress shirt should be worn together with a black silk bow tie, black shoes with the entire look being accessorised and finished off with a white silk (or linen) handkerchief in the tuxedo jacket left breast pocket.

There shouldn't be any deviation from this with respect to a 'Black Tie required' formal event, particularly if it's an evening event in the wintertime.

Essentially the hosts of the event want your attire to match the uniformity, elegance and sophistication of the evening they have prepared and arranged, and nothing expresses this better than an elegant and sophisticated striking black tuxedo.

A smart lounge suit or business suit simply won't do for an event described as 'strictly black tie' or similar'.

Summer 'Black Tie' events...

However, some deviation may be allowed for a 'black tie' event held in the summer months or in tropical climates (perhaps on a luxury cruise for example) in the form of wearing an ivory or white tuxedo jacket instead of a black tuxedo jacket, the suit trousers should be remain black however.

Mens Evening Suit Hire picture - white tuxedo

It may also be acceptable to add a splash of colour to the warmer climate / summer version of the black tie event by choosing a coloured silk or linen handkerchief for the tuxedo jacket breast pocket.

Less strict and less formal 'Black Tie' events...

You may find your invitation states something to the effect of 'Black Tie preferred', or perhaps 'Black Tie' requested.

Mens Evening Suit Hire picture - black dinner suit

Essentially this means the sky isn't falling should you decide not to wear the strict black tie attire detailed above for whatever reason. However, the host would still expect their guests to wear smart dark formal eveningwear such as a black dinner suit / lounge suit.

'Black Tie optional' events...

If your invitation states 'Black Tie optional' or other words to a similar effect, then of course it's not necessary to adhere to the strict attire associated with Black Tie, although you may of course do so if you so wish, but a smart business suit and tie may also be acceptable at a 'black tie optional' event. Whether you choose to wear strict 'Black Tie' attire at a black tie optional event though is another matter, and a decision you will likely have to decide upon for yourself.

Why not come in and see us for expert advice and explore our mens evening wear range and mens evening suits to hire or purchase for yourself. Our friendly and professional tailors will be on-hand to help with any questions you have and offer their advice where required.

Evening Wear for boys and young men…

Our Evening Wear range also includes a range of evening suits for boys and young men so they can look and feel their best for a special night out.

Boys Evening Suit Hire picture

The formal prom night has translated from American to British culture in recent years and is becoming an increasingly popular tradition in the United Kingdom. Our Evening Wear includes a stunning range sophisticated and elegant Prom Suits, Waistcoats, Bow Ties, Cummerbunds and Handkerchiefs with a splash of colour for a younger generation to express their creativity and style.

Be sure to explore our Prom Suit Hire for boys and men page for more details of our Prom Wear.

Evening Suit hire prices…

Here at Sanders Menswear we believe in providing outstanding quality menswear, be it the menswear we sell in our high street shops, the menswear we sell in our online store, or indeed our mens formal suit hirewear available from our high street shops, at prices that we feel are competitive and represent outstanding value for money.

But don't just take our word for it, why not view our formal suit hire price list for details on our mens formal suit hire prices including complete packages, special offers and items available on an individual basis for formal suit hire (including Evening Suits, Tuxedo's / Dinner Suits, Lounge Suits and Evening Wear Accessories) for men and boys, and see for yourself.

Buy Mens Evening Suits and Evening Wear…

At the heart of our Mens Evening Wear range is the Peter Posh Evening Wear and Prom Wear hire wear collection, which is available to buy as well as hire.

Mens Evening Suit Hire picture - black tuxedo, black silk bow tie and black silk cummerbund

Supporting this range we also carry a fabulous array of additional mens evening wear by manufacturers such as Rocola Eveningwear, including delightfully elegant silk bow ties and silk cummerbunds and dress shirts. We also carry cuff links, shoes and more, so you can look supremely stylish for that special night out.

If you think there's a possibility you could be attending numerous formal functions in times ahead that require mens formal evening wear attire, then it might make financial sense in the long-run to purchase a dinner suit / tuxedo jacket together with accompanying garments and accessories such as dress shirts, a bow tie, a cummerbund and silk handkerchiefs.

Pop into either of our high street shops to explore the possibilities.

See our hire wear in store…

We endeavour to carry most of the Peter Posh Evening Wear and Prom Wear collection together with the Peter Posh Formal Suit Hire collection and Cameron Ross Highland Wear collection in our high street shops in Notts / Derbys in a range of the most popular sizes.

However, please note that due to the extensive nature of these collections and all the available sizes, we may not necessarily have your size in stock when you come in to see us.

Don't worry though as we can easily obtain any item(s) of your choosing from any of these collections in any available manufactured size for hire ready in good time for your special evening!


Our shop in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire is our main hire wear store and has the largest and most comprehensive range of mens hire wear available of our two shops, in a range of the most popular sizes.


Our Alfreton menswear shop in Derbyshire has a slightly less comprehensive and extensive range of hire wear stock to view and try on, but again please don't forget that we can obtain any item available from any of the three hire wear ranges we carry, in any size manufactured, ready in time for your big night out.

Evening Wear hire wear brochures…

Download and view our hire wear brochures...

Download and view the Peter Posh Eveningwear and Promwear Hire Wear brochure from our website and browse through our extensive and stylish range of mens formal evening wear attire for hire…

We also have the additional formal suit hire wear brochures available…

You may also wish to…

Request a Hirewear Brochure...

If you live close enough to us in the Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire area of the East Midlands or the surrounding counties such as South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Cheshire etc., and are considering Sanders Menswear for your formal wear requirements and would like a mens formal hire wear brochure to browse through at your leisure then we'd be delighted to send you a copy through the post.

For more details, please visit our Hirewear Brochure Request page.

Mens Evening Suits Formal Hire Fitting Appointments…

Once you're ready to hire, then you'll want to pop in to one of our two high street shops for a Fitting Appointment, an essential part of the process to make sure your outfit(s) fit perfectly for your special event.

Fitting appointments are advisable and recommended in order to ensure that you get the priority service and undivided attention that you deserve. Fitting appointments are also indeed a requirement for any Saturday fittings.

Our friendly and professional tailors will be on-hand to answer any questions and queries and provide their expert advice and assistance where required.

Mens Evening Suit Hire picture - white tuxedo

Discover the Mens Evening Suit hire wear collection today…

Whatever your special night out / evening function is about and whatever it may involve, we think we will have just the right mens evening suit and look available for you from our mens evening wear hirewear collection.

So, why not come along to one of our high street shops in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire region and discover for yourself our stunning range of mens formal evening wear hire, and whilst you are there, you may also wish to browse our extensive range of menswear from some of the worlds leading menswear brands.

We look forward to offering you a warm welcome in person soon!