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Viyella Tattersall Check Shirts

Mens Viyella Tattersall Check Shirts…

Buy the classic Tattersall Check Shirt from the world-famous and historic Viyella brand online!

Discover the Viyella Tattersall Check Shirt at Sanders Menswear. Featuring the classic Tattersall check design from world-famous and historic shirt brand - Viyella, available to buy online today…

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The Viyella Tattersall Check Shirt - an essential for every gentlemens wardrobe!

The Tattersall check pattern shirt from Viyella has become a classic over the years and is considered by many as an essential 'must have' for every gentlemen's wardrobe.

The pattern originated from the Tattersall Horse Market in London where the horses being auctioned would wear rugs featuring this type of check pattern.

Over the years, the pattern has grown in popularity and in particular became a firm favourite of the country gentlemen. However, the Tattersall Check Pattern Shirt certainly isn't restricted to just the country gentlemen and in more recent years has become popular with a much wider audience.

The tradtional Tattersall Check patterns

The traditional Tattersall check pattern typically features darker coloured lines, generally of 3 or 4 different contrasting colours that work well together and help to form the check pattern which is set on a lighter coloured fabric. The lines that form the Tattersall Check pattern are usually spaced evenly both vertically and horizontally to form squares on the check pattern, although some patterns are spaced wider horizontally producing more of a rectangular shaped check.

Viyella Tattersall Checked Shirts

There are of course a multitude of variations of this style, some of which can be seen in the Viyella Tattersall Shirt pictures on this page, including check patterns that consist of more subtle and finer lines in a lighter range of colours, as well as darker and heavier check patterns that make more of a statement with their bolder thicker lines and more striking colours for those days where you just have to make an impact!

Viyella Tattersall Check Shirts

Tattersall Check types...

There are a number of different styles of Viyella Tattersall Checked Shirts each featuring different colours and check patterns and check sizes, and these styles include...

  • Viyella Fine Tattersall Checked Shirt
  • Viyella Neat Tattersall Checked Shirt
  • Viyella Bright Tattersall Checked Shirt
  • Viyella Bright Tattersall Checked Shirt
  • Viyella Mini Tattersall Checked Shirt
  • Viyella Medium Tattersall Checked Shirt
  • Viyella Large Tattersall Checked Shirt
  • Viyella Edged Tattersall Checked Shirt
  • Viyella Standard Tattersall Checked Shirt

Generally speaking, the smaller Tattersall check patterns tend to look good on taller more well-built gentlemen, whilst the larger more spaced out check patterns tend to suit those with a slimmer figure best.

Tattersall Shirts from Viyella

One of the great things about Viyella Tattersall check patterned shirts is that they look great whatever the occasion, whether its for general smart casual wear or something more formal. Tattersall check shirts work very well when worn together with a tie, but also look great when worn without a tie, and also go great together with jeans or casual trousers.

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