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Viyella Shirt Sizes & Measurements

Viyella Shirt sizes and Measurements Guide…

A look at the different Viyella Shirt sizes available…

Our Viyella Shirt Sizes and Measurements guide explores the sizes and measurements for the mens Viyella shirt range available to buy online here in our store, or in our Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire menswear shops.

Viyella shirt collar sizes:

Viyella shirts are usually manufactured in collar sizes ranging from a 15" collar right through to an 18" collar, with many shirts also featuring a generous cut for extra comfort.

Some shirts in the Viyella range are also manufactured in 18.5" and 19" collar sizes.

Viyella shirt sizes in inches (")…

Viyella shirt measurements in inches ("), including chest measurements, waist measurements and sleeve measurements.

  • 15" collar
    40" Chest, 38" Waist, 34" Sleeve
  • 15.5" collar
    42" Chest, 39" Waist, 35" Sleeve
  • 16" collar
    44" Chest, 42" Waist, 35" Sleeve
  • 16.5" collar
    46" Chest, 44" Waist, 35.5" Sleeve
  • 17" collar
    48" Chest, 46" Waist, 35.5" Sleeve
  • 17.5" collar
    50" Chest, 48" Waist, 36" Sleeve
  • 18" collar
    52" Chest, 51" Waist, 36.5" Sleeve

Viyella shirt sizes in centimetres (cm)…

Viyella shirt measurements in centimetres (cm), including chest measurements, waist measurements and sleeve measurements.

  • 38cm collar
    102cm Chest, 97cm Waist, 87cm Sleeve
  • 39cm collar
    107cm Chest, 99cm Waist, 89cm Sleeve
  • 41cm collar
    112cm Chest, 107cm Waist, 89cm Sleeve
  • 42cm collar
    117cm Chest, 112cm Waist, 90cm Sleeve
  • 43cm collar
    122cm Chest, 116cm Waist, 90cm Sleeve
  • 44cm collar
    127cm Chest, 122cm Waist, 91cm Sleeve
  • 46cm collar
    132cm Chest, 130cm Waist, 92cm Sleeve

We usually carry a large selection of much of the mens Viyella Shirt range in many of the above sizes right here in our online menswear store as well as our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire menswear shops.

If however, we don't have your required size available, please feel free to contact us as we can often source your requirements directly from the manufacturer within a matter of days for you, or make an alternative recommendation.