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Viyella Shirts

Mens Viyella Shirts

Buy Viyella Shirts online today in a range of styles, colours and sizes!

A growing range of Viyella Shirts - a world-famous and historic shirt brand renown for their premium quality cotton shirts and Merino wool blend shirts, with over two centuries of shirt-making expertise to their name!

Discover our Viyella Shirts Online range, all available to buy online today from Sanders Menswear…

Viyella Window Check Shirt (VY1125) (Red)
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More styles and colours coming soon! Be sure to follow us for updates!

We'll be adding more shirts from the Viyella Shirts collection in the coming months ahead for a more comprehensive and extensive choice. So be sure to check back in the future for more shirts from the mens Viyella Shirts range available to buy online.

The Viyella Shirt brand - over two centuries of shirtmaking expertise!

The Viyella Shirt brand is a world-class and historic shirt brand, internationally recognised for their premium quality cotton shirts. In fact they are probably one of the most famous and historic shirt brands in the world today with over two centuries of shirt-making expertise to their name!

For generations men have appreciated Viyella shirts for their supreme quality, stylish good looks, softness, durability, comfort and an exceptionally high-standard of manufacture at prices that have always represented outstanding value for money.

From classic country check shirts, and the ever-popular and timeless Tattersall check shirts, through to more contemporary check patterns with bolder checks and colours - there is something to suit everyones taste, and the timeless nature of the mens Viyella Shirts range means they are popular and well-suited to all adult age ranges.

It's plain to see why the Viyella brand is so popular and has such a rich history. Speaking of which, you can read more about the history of the Viyella brand here.

Viyella Merino Wool blend Shirts…

The classic shirt for the country gentleman!

Viyella are probably most well-known for their luxurious and highly desireable Viyella Merino wool and cotton blend shirts, consisting of 80% cotton and 20% Merino wool, perfectly suited for smart, yet at the same time practical outdoor wear for the country gentlemen.

This blend of shirt has been mastered and perfected by Viyella through a period spanning over two centuries in a process that began on the Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire border all the way back in 1784, and consists of a carefully balanced build of the wool of the Merino sheep (a breed of sheep known for having producing some of the finest and softest wool to be found on any sheep), carefully and intimately blended together with long staple combed pima cotton fibres, providing a warm but comfortable shirt that is perfectly suited to outdoor / countrywear, and is also great for the general smart casual look.

We carry a growing selection of Viyella Merino Wool blend shirts online and in our high street shops, and will be adding more in the future!

Viyella 100% Cotton Shirts…

Viyella's Classic Pure Cotton Shirt range consists of a 100% pure cotton fabric build.

As well as featuring the usual range of classic check patterns and plaid styles, many Viyella Cotton Shirts also feature more vibrant contemporary colours and checks.

One of the highlights of the Viyella pure cotton shirts range is their brushed cotton twill fabric finish, a process which involves raising the fabric and brushing it to remove any excess lint and fibres for an incredibly smooth and soft finish. This process also helps to improve the thermal insulation of these shirts giving them a warmer feel in colder times.

We've a growing selection of premium quality 100% cotton Viyella Shirts available to online, which we will be expanding upon in the near future, as well as a range of pure cotton Viyella Shirts available for purchase in our high street shops.

Viyella Tattersall Check Shirts…

The Tattersall check pattern shirt from Viyella has become a classic over the years and is considered by many as an essential 'must have' for every gentlemen's wardrobe.

The pattern originated from the Tattersall Horse Market in London where the horses being auctioned would wear rugs featuring this type of check pattern and has become timeless classic ever since with gentlemen the world over, and not just the country gentleman either.

We have a growing range of Viyella Tattersall Shirts online available to buy, with more to come in the future, and usually always carry Viyella Tattersall Check Shirts in our high street shops too.

Viyella Shirt Features and Details…

A variety of features and details can be found throughout the mens Viyella Shirts range.

From shirts with button-down collars through to classic collar styles with fused lining for additional durability and a sturdy and rigid appearance, through to Viyella logo-branded buttons, and double-button rounded cuffs for wrist adjustment, and spare replacement buttons included on all shirts.

Viyella Shirts UK Free P&P!

We hope you'll be pleased to know that our mens Viyella Shirts online range includes FREE UK P&P, so buy online today in confidence that you won't face any additional hefty postage charges.

We also offer a range of upgrade express delivery options as well as a number of international shipping options to suit all budgets and we are happy to ship to most destinations that we are able to.

Buy Viyella Shirts online or in our shops!

You can buy mens Viyella Shirts online, today, right here, in our online menswear shop, but did you know you can also buy mens Viyella Shirts in our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire menswear shops?

So if you live local to us, why not consider popping in to see our stunning range of mens Viyella shirts up close and personal, together with the rest of our comprehensive and extensive range of premium quality menswear from world-class brands! We'd be delighted to see you and are always happy to assist in any way we can.