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Mens Trousers by Brand

Mens Trouser Brands…

View our range of mens trousers available to buy online by brand…

Explore our Mens Trouser Brands online and shop by quality trouser brands today…

Welcome to our Mens Trouser Brands section where you can browse our mens trousers available to buy online by trouser brand / trouser manufacturer including trouser brands such as Meyer, renown all over the world for their high quality craftsmanship, Italian design flair, and attention in every detail.

More brands being added soon! Be sure to follow us for updates!

More mens trousers brands to come…

We're just starting out with our online store, and are aiming to add stock gradually and continually, so whilst we get the ball rolling we've decided focus on some of the more popular mens trousers from our high street shops by Meyer Hosen of Germany.

But in the coming weeks and months ahead you can be sure we'll be adding even more trouser brands and manufacturers to our online lineup including mens trousers by Farah, Douglas and Remus Uomo, as well as more mens trousers from Meyer, all in a range of different styles, colours, fabrics and of course sizes and fittings to suit both formal and casual occasions.

So, in the months ahead there will be a more comprehensive and extensive selection of mens trouser brands to choose from.

Only the best trouser brands at the best value…

Here at Sanders Menswear we take an enormous pride in only carrying menswear from amongst the very best brands in our high street shops by manufacturers who are recognised for their high quality menswear products, quite often on an international basis, and who have often been established for decades - even past a century in some instances.

And this is certainly true when it comes to our mens trouser brands, only carrying mens trousers from well known respected trouser manufacturers and brands such as Meyer Hosen, Farah, Douglas and Remus Uomo, all of which have an outstanding reputation for their exceptionally high quality mens trousers, so you can be assured any pair of mens trousers you buy from Sanders Menswear are of the very highest quality.

Many of the trouser brands we stock have been established for decades, in the case of Meyer Hosen, over a half century, and with that history comes an expertise and quality that may not necessarily be found from newer trouser manufacturers and brands.

We also pride ourselves on offering value for money with all the menswear we carry, including mens trousers, irrespective of the brand. Of course high quality products from established and respected brand names usually come at a price, but that doesn't mean that the price doesn't represent good value for money - we believe on the contrary - certainly with the products we carry.

We only aim to provide menswear products that we believe represent outstanding value for money, and we believe our 80+ years of experience trading on the high street gives us an edge in that regard.

Furthermore, we try to be as competitively priced with our menswear products as we can be, and even include free delivery on all orders to UK postal addresses.

Our Mens Trouser brands include…

In our high street shops we carry mens trousers by top trouser brands including Meyer, Douglas, Farah and Remus Uomo and in the coming weeks and months ahead hope to mirror this range of mens trouser brands into our online store.

But to get the ball rolling we've decided to focus on launching with a range of best-selling mens trousers and mens denim jeans from what we believe to be amongst the worlds top trouser brands, Meyer Hosen of Germany, renown for their high quality craftsmanship, Italian design flair and attention in every detail for more than half a century.

We've included our most popular formal trouser from Meyer in a range of colours and sizes, and our most popular mens denim jeans, also from Meyer, available in two different shades of blue, again in a multitude of sizes. We'll be adding much more in the near future though, including mens trousers from the other aforementioned mens trousers brands.

So, if you don't see anything that takes your fancy today, then please be sure to check back in with us in the near future as we're certain we'll have something suitable for you as we continually develop and build our online store in the upcoming months.

What makes a good brand of trousers?

So you might be asking yourself "What makes a good trouser brand?", it's a question we can answer for you.

We believe a good trouser brand, worth their salt, will have an excellent reputation for high quality craftsmanship and manufacture, and will be recognised for such on a global scale.

Also, we believe trouser brands with a long history going back many years, many decades even, is important as with that history and experience comes a level of expertise when it comes to the design and manufacture of trousers that is reflected in the final products themselves.

Beyond that, trouser brands and manufacturers who include a wealth of features and attention to detail and of course a comprehensive selection of styles, colours, fabrics and sizes also make for a good trouser brand in our eyes.

And finally, a good trouser brand will always offer exceptionally good value for money, no matter what the price tag actually is, it should be good value for the product being purchased.

Quality Trouser Brands UK Free P&P…

If you hadn't already gathered all items in our online menswear store including all our mens trousers and mens denim jeans includes entirely free delivery to any UK delivery address. There'll be no hefty additional postage charges at the checkout, so why not treat yourself today?

See our mens trouser brands in store…

If you live local to either of our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire menswear shops, why not pop in and see us, we'll be delighted to see you, and you can explore and peruse a more comprehensive and extensive range of mens trousers from leading mens trouser brands in person.

However, even if you live nearby, you can still order online at any time and take advantage of our free UK delivery option - the choice is entirely up to you.