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Mens Footwear by Colour

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Welcome to our Mens Shoe Colours section where you can explore our range of stunning mens shoes by colour, including black, brown, tan and Cognac coloured mens shoes all available to buy online today.

We've more different shoe colours on the way shortly too, in a variety of different styles, shoe sizes and fittings from world class mens shoe brands and manufacturers. Discover our range of mens coloured shoes today!

A variety of mens shoe colours…
in a variety of styles…

With over 80 years of high street trading in our menswear shops, we've decided to take that experience to the online marketplace also with our newly launched online store, which features a variety of mens shoe colours in a variety of different styles, shoe size and shoe fittings, from world renown shoe brands and manufacturers such as Anatomic & Co.

Our mens shoe colours currently feature the most classic and traditional mens shoe colour choices favoured by most men including black, brown and tan and also a Cognac colour, with shoe styles to suit all tastes and preferences, and indeed occasions be it formal or casual.

So whether its a pair of black lace up shoes you wanted for work or another formal event or occasion, or a more casual pair of brown or tan slip on shoes or boots for day to day casual wear, through to something more different such as a Cognac coloured mens slip on or lace up shoe perhaps, then we should have something that might interest you.

At Sanders Menswear, we only choose our menswear including our range of mens footwear and the mens shoe colours we carry from amongst what we consider to be some of the worlds best menswear brands and manufacturers who are recognised, often on an international basis, and often for many decades, for their high quality craftsmanship, stylish good looks, features, attention to detail, and an end product that represents outstanding value for money.

This is certainly true of comfort footwear specialists Anatomic & Co., some of whose range we have decided to launch our online store with, who are famous for their supremely comfortable yet exquisitely stylish range of mens footwear.

Their range of mens coloured shoes and boots using full-grain tan black, brown, tan and cognac coloured leather is a popular choice amongst our high street shop customers, so we've decided to bring some of the more popular styles and shoe colours to our online store first.

More mens shoe colour choices on the way…

If you don't quite find the right pair of mens shoes online from us today, then fear not, as we are already hard at work in lining up a much more extensive variety of mens shoe colours and styles from Anatomic & Co., as well as a number of other world-class shoe brands and manufacturers such as Barker, Front, and UKD.

We'll be adding much more of the kind of shoes and boots you already see in our store, and will also be adding a wider variety of colours and shades in a wider variety of styles including Brogues, Derbies and Gibsons, Driving Shoes, Sandals, Loafers and more.

So if you don't quite find anything that appeals to you today, be sure to bookmark our site, and check back with us in the near future as we're just warming up with our online store, and are sure we'll have a mens shoe colour in a style and material that will appeal to you in the very near future.

Don't forget, we're only ever a click away!

Mens Coloured Shoes UK Free Delivery

We're pleased to report that all our mens coloured shoes, and indeed all our mens footwear and our entire range of menswear in our online store includes absolutely free delivery to UK addresses.

So why not have a browse around our store and consider treating yourself today, safe in the knowledge you won't be faced with any nasty hidden extras when it comes to delivery and postage at the checkout.

Just remember, this offer may not last forever, and is only available to UK delivery addresses.

See our range of mens shoe colours in store for yourself…

Live local to either of our high street shops in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire region? Then why not consider popping into one of our two high street shops in the area, and see our range of mens coloured shoes and shop by mens shoe colour for yourself - up close and personal.

You'll also be able to browse a more extensive range of mens footwear with a larger variety of styles and mens shoe colours and of course see our more extensive range of menswear. We'd be delighted to see you and will be happy to assist in any way we can.

However, even if you live just down the road from either of our two high street shops, you are still more than welcome to take advantage of our free delivery offer to UK addresses and order your mens footwear from us here in our online store - the choce is entirely up to you!