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Mens Shirts by Brand

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Mens Shirts by some of the best Mens Shirt Brands - available to buy online today…

Discover our Mens Shirts Brands available to buy online today…

Welcome to our Mens Shirt Brands section where you can shop by shirt brands for men including manufacturers and shirt brands such as the historic and world-famous Viyella brand, renown for their premium quality cotton shirts and Peter England, internationally recognised for their shirts of distinction, with many more on the way including Rich Friday and Olymp.

More brands being added soon! Be sure to follow us for updates!

Many more shirts from our high street menswear shops to come soon in the months ahead including more shirts by Peter England, Viyella, Rich Friday, Barbour, Benvenuto, Fynch-Hatton, Hattric, Olymp, Remus Uomo, Rocola, so if you don't find what you're looking for today, be sure to check back with us again!

The Best Shirt Brands at the Best Value!

Here at Sanders Menswear, we've always taken great pride in the menswear we carry in our high street menswear shops over the years, carefully selecting only the very best menswear brands. And that's something we hope to reflect in our online store when it comes to the mens shirt brands we carry.

It's our aim to only carry what we believe to be amongst the very best shirt brands for men so you can be assured that any shirt you may buy from us is of the very highest quality and is made by a renown shirt manufacturer and mens shirts brand, often on an international level.

Additionally, the mens shirt brands we carry have often been established for many many decades, and as such, have become masters in their craft, and consequently have accrued a level of shirtmaking expertise that is often far superior to that of any younger competitors.

But better still, we aim to provide good value for money for every pocket when it comes to the mens shirt brands we carry, and strive to offer good value for money at competitive prices.

Our Top Shirt Brands include…

In our high street shops we carry mens shirts by top shirt brands including Barbour, Peter England, Hatico, Olymp, Fynch-Hatton, Viyella and more!

We're continually growing our online range of world class shirt brands, which now features premium quality shirts from Hatico, Peter England and Viyella with much more on the way from other world class shirt brands and manufacturers in the months ahead.

We've included a good selection of colours, sizes, styles, patterns and shirt fittings from the shirt brands we carry, and we'll be adding many more in the future. As well as mens shirts from the other aforementioned mens shirt brands, we'll also be adding shirts by Benvenuto, Olymp, Remus Uomo and Rocola amongst others.

So, if you don't see anything that takes your fancy today, please be sure to check back in with us regulary as we update our store, as we're certain we'll have something suitable for you!

What makes a good shirt brand?

We are often asked for advice and recommendation in our shops as to a good shirt brand, and we're of course always delighted to help, and it's always an easy question for us to answer as we only stock good shirt brands, such as Barbour, Fynch Hatton, Hattric, Peter England, Olymp, Remus Uomo, Rocola and Viyella.

In fact, not only good shirt brands, but what we believe to be the very best shirt brands!

But what actually constitutes a good shirt brand?

It's a good question, and definitely one that's worth answering. Firstly, we believe any good shirt brand worth its salt has an excellent reputation, and is renown for their garment manufacture and shirtmaking expertise, and often on an international basis, this is absolutely true for the Peter England and Viyella brands.

Secondly, a good shirt brand not only has a first class reputation the world over, but it also has a long history in the manufacture of shirts spanning decades, and even in some instances, for over a century, or even over two centuries in the case of the Viyella brand! And of course there is a level of expertise that comes with such experience and that is obviously reflected in the shirts themselves.

Beyond that, a good shirt brand includes a wide variety of mens shirts that are packed full of quality and attention to detail that just can't be found elsewhere.

And finally, we believe a good shirt brand delivers mens shirts at prices that represent exceptionally good value for money.

UK Shirt Brands - UK Free P&P!

We're a UK based company, and whilst we stock menswear from manufacturers and menswear brands from around the globe, we do of course stock UK shirt brands by manufacturers and brands such as Peter England and Viyella.

We're also delighted to report that P&P is entirely free on all our menswear shirts when delivered to a United Kingdom address. Yet another great reason to shop with us!