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New Shorts

Mens New Shorts…

Latest shorts for men arrivals by world class brands available to buy online today!

Discover our latest mens new shorts here on our new shorts page, featuring the latest premium quality mens shorts from world class brands available to buy online today…

More colours, styles and brands coming in the near future! Be sure to follow us for updates!

A continually growing selection of new shorts available to buy online today, right here, in our online menswear store, with much more on the way in the months ahead. So if you don't find your pair of mens shorts online today, be sure to bookmark us and check back in with us again and also be sure to follow us on social media for details of any new shorts added to our mens shorts online range.

Brand new shorts - brand quality!

As with all of our menswear, whether in our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire based menswear shop in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire, or right here, in our online menswear store, we take great pride in carefully selecting the mens shorts we carry, choosing only premium quality mens shorts by world-class brands at prices that represent outstanding value for money.

Our mens shorts, including the new mens shorts featured here on this page, are chosen from world class menswear brands such as Meyer, recognised on an international basis, for their stylish, premium quality garments and attention to detail.

So when it comes to buying a pair of new shorts from us, you can be sure it will be a premium quality pair of shorts by a world-class brand that will be worth absolutely every penny.

More new shorts on the way…

We're just warming up with our mens shorts section here in our online store. We're focussing for now on new shorts by Meyer-Hosen of Germany, famed the world over for their stylish premium quality mens trousers, shorts and belts with attention in every detail.

We will of course be adding more pairs of new shorts in the coming months ahead to offer a more comprehensive and extensive range of quality mens shorts to choose from including different styles and a range of colours to suit all tastes.

So in the unfortunate event you can't find what you're looking for today, please be sure to check back in with us again in the future to see what new shorts we have available online. As ever, please also feel free to contact us to see if we have your specific requirements in stock if you don't see what you're looking for when it comes to Meyer Shorts, as we may well have them! And if we don't, please also bear in mind that we can often obtain precisely what you're looking for, where available, directly from the manufacturer.

Buy new shorts online, or in our shop…

You can buy new shorts for men online, right here, today, in our online menswear shop.

But, did you also know you can also buy new shorts from our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire based high street menswear shop situated in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire? So if you live nearby, why not consider popping in to see what new shorts we have available for purchase up close and personal, and whilst you are here, you'll also be able to explore the rest of our extensive and comprehensive range of premium quality menswear by world-class brands. We'd love to see you and help in any way we can!