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Meyer Roma Wool Trousers

Mens Meyer Roma 344 Trousers online…

Light fine tropical wool blend trousers available to buy online today…

Discover the Mens Meyer Roma Trousers (344) from Meyer Hosen, a stunning range of lightweight wool blend formal trousers, available to buy online today from Sanders Menswear.

Meyer Roma Wool Blend Trousers (BLACK)
Price: 89.99
(inc. VAT at 20%) 

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Meyer Roma Wool Blend Trousers (NAVY BLUE)
Price: 89.99
(inc. VAT at 20%) 

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Meyer Roma Wool Blend Trousers (MID-GREY)
Price: 89.99
(inc. VAT at 20%) 

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Meyer Roma Wool Blend Trousers (CHARCOAL)
Price: 89.99
(inc. VAT at 20%) 

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Mens Meyer Roma Trousers - details and features…

The Mens Meyer Roma Trousers range are full of features and attention to detail that one comes to expect from Meyer Hosen, a German trouser brand famed all over the world for their high quality craftsmanship, unmistakeable Italian design flair and attention in every detail for more than fifty years.

Let's explore some of the features of these mens Meyer wool blend trousers in closer detail…

Lightweight Cool Wool Blend:

The Meyer Roma Trousers range features a lightweight tropical wool mix consisting of 53% polyester and 44% wool, with 3% elastane. This wool blend keeps these trousers lightweight and the natural fibres of the wool help to insulate the wearer in the colder months, whilst keeping the heat from penetrating through in the warmer months of the year, ensuring a cool comfortable feel all year round.

Stretch waistband:

The Mens Meyer 344 Roma Trousers range features a stretch waistband for a comfortable secure adapative fit, finished with a metal waistband clasp and securing button.

Stylish looks:

These mens wool trousers from Meyer are elegantly styled and feature a plain non-pleated fronted in a slim-fit Chino style, with Meyer's unmistakeable Italian design flair.

Pockets galore:

There are pockets galore on the Meyer Roma Trousers. Featuring two rounded front French pockets, two hip pockets with button fastening, a security pocket in the left front pocket, and a further coin pocket.

Furthermore, just as an example of Meyer's stunning attention to detail, the pockets have a delightful coloured woven lining,

High Quality Inner Lining:

These mens wool formal trousers by Meyer feature a high quality inner lining with a soft and gentle lightweight feel. Additionally, there is extra lining down to the knee to help serve as an anti-static measure and ensure a pleasant comfortable feel against the skin.

Fabulous finishing touches:

As ever with any pair of mens Meyer trousers, the Meyer Roma 344 range of mens wool trousers has an abundance of finishing touches. From the zip fly front with nylon zip teeth (i.e. no sharp jagged edges) through to the Meyer branded buttons, there is attention in every detail in these mens formal trousers from Meyer.

Machine Washable:

Another great feature of these mens formal trousers from Meyer is that they are fully machine washable and don't have to be dry-cleaned (though you can of course have them dry cleaned if you wish). We believe this convenience helps to make them a popular choice amongst customers.

A lightweight fine tropical cool wool blend - great for all four seasons…

The lightweight fine tropical wool blend of the Meyer Roma Trousers makes them suitable for wearing all year round throughout all four seasons and they have been designed with this very purpose in mind.

The natural woollen fibres in these mens formal trousers help to form small pockets of trapped air which subsequently helps to naturally insulate the wearer from the outside elements which makes them suitably comfortable for wearing in warmer weather and cooler weather, as those trapped air pockets will keep the cold out in the colder months and will also keep the heat out in the warmer months.

Meyer Roma 344 Wool Trousers - one of our bestselling formal trousers…

Because we're just starting out with our online store we're beginning with a limited selection of some of the most popular and best selling items from our high street shops, and the mens Meyer Roma Trousers are a bestselling formal trouser in our shops.

Whilst they're not exactly a cheap pair of trousers, we believe the reason they're so popular is that they happen to represent exceptional value for money, especially when you bear in mind their high quality craftsmanship, elegant looks, features, and an extraordinary attention to detail as with all Meyer trousers.

So, whilst we recognise these mens formal trousers from Meyer aren't particularly cheap, we certainly believe our pricing is competitive just as it is with all of our menswear products, and furthermore we offer free delivery to all UK addresses on all our menswear items available to buy online - more on that later.

A variety of colours

The Meyer Roma Trousers range comes in a range of different colours to give your wardrobe and your day to day working week some variety, or for any other formal occasion or smart casual occasion you choose to wear these trousers.

First up is classic black, a popular choice and a staple of any gentlemens wardrobe.

Then there's the elegant look of the navy blue option, a pleasant alternative to the classic black, that works especially well with any blue coloured formal shirt.

Finally there is the stylish mid-grey option, a startlingly elegant shading that looks particularly stunning when worn with a contrasting pair of light brown shoes and a matching light brown belt, worn together with either a white formal shirt, or any other contrasting colour.

We've also now added a new charcoal colour to our Meyer Roma Trousers lineup, as well as a beige colour - perfect for the summer look.

We sometimes find customers are so torn about which colour to choose that they end up choosing more than one colour of the mens Meyer 344 Roma Trousers.

Meyer Roma Wool Trousers UK Free P&P…

We believe we are competitively priced when it comes to the Meyer Roma 344 Wool Trouser and in fact all our menswear products available in our online store. Furthermore, to offer even better value, we provide entirely free delivery to any UK address on these trousers and in fact all our menswear items available online.

Just as long as your delivery address resides within the United Kingdom. So why not treat yourself safe in the knowledge there will be no nasty surprise postage and packaging charges at the checkout.

Buy Mens Meyer Roma Wool Trousers online or in our shops…

You can buy mens Meyer Roma Wool Trousers online right here in our online shop today.

However, if you live near either of our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire menswear shops, why not pop in and see the Meyer Roma Trousers range for yourself up close and personal, as well as a more extensive range of menswear to explore and peruse. We'd be delighted to see you and assure you of a warm welcome.