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Mens Fynch-Hatton Knitwear online…

Buy premium quality mens Fynch-Hatton Knitwear online today at Sanders Menswear…

A range of premium quality mens Fynch-Hatton Knitwear by world-class mens knitwear brand Fynch-Hatton, available to buy online today in a range of styles, colours and sizes. Discover mens Fynch-Hatton Knitwear online at Sanders Menswear…

Mens Fynch-Hatton NAVY 2 Tone Crew Neck Pullover
Price: 75.00
(inc. VAT at 20%) 

In stock!
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Mens Fynch-Hatton RED MARL Crew Neck Pullover
Price: 65.00
(inc. VAT at 20%) 

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More Fynch-Hatton Knitwear on the way! Be sure to follow us for updates!

We'll be adding more Fynch-Hatton Knitwear in the months ahead for a more comprehensive and extensive choice of premium quality knitwear from this world-class mens knitwear brand. So be sure to check back in the future for more Fynch-Hatton Knitwear available to buy online.

The Fynch-Hatton brand - famous for premium quality knitwear…

The Fynch-Hatton knitwear brand began it's adventure in more recent history to that of the likes of Viyella, but since 1998, the Fynch-Hatton brand, founded and owned by Roger Brandts, a man whose family have a rich heritage in the textile industry, has become an internationally recognised and respected mens knitwear brand across the globe, and a name that has become synonymous with premium quality knitwear.

The Fynch-Hatton brand is dedicated to Denys Finch Hatton, an English born aristocrat and open-minded adventurer, always looking for the next adventure. Finch Hatton also happened to be the lover of Baroness Karen Blixen, a lady of Danish nobility who wrote about him in her autobiographical book published in 1937, 'Out Of Africa' in which his name is written as Finch-Hatton, and was portrayed by Robert Redford in the film of the same name.

Born in England on the 24th April 1887, Denys Finch Hatton was a man who managed to combine living his life in Africa as a leader, farmer and pilot and had an English taste for the finer things in life and managed to influence his time like few others have done.

Inspired by such a man, the Fynch-Hatton brand produces mens knitwear that affords men the freedom to live their own style, with knitwear together with other menswear and mens accessories that just like the continent and people of Africa, have their own character and diversity.

Featuring a wide-ranging collection of attractive colours appropriate for any occasion and made for every man, but not everyone, it's little wonder the Fynch-Hatton brand has become so revered over the last two decades.

The Fynch-Hatton have become a brand famous for their premium quality knitwear, using only the very best materials to be found, be it long-staple cotton, exclusive lambswool, cashmere, linen or silk in attractive fashionable colours.

Professionalism, precision and premium quality fabrics are at the heart of the Fynch-Hatton production process, providing a consistently high standard so anyone purchasing a piece of Fynch-Hatton Knitwear knows they are buying a high quality product.

Furthermore, the Fynch-Hatton brand always endeavours to be a responsible brand where sustainability and ethics including environmental friendliness, and social aspects such as fair wages, working conditions and workplace safety are an all important aspect to the brand, as is giving something back to the continent of their inspiration through partner projects such as Welthungerhilfe. So whilst the Fynch-Hatton brand provides men the opportunity and liberty of living out their own style with it's diverse collection of premium quality knitwear, it is not at the cost of others.

Fynch-Hatton Pullovers…

We've launched our online range of mens Fynch-Hatton Knitwear with a selection of mens Fynch-Hatton Pullovers, including an assortment of premium quality mens crew neck pullovers featuring high quality fabrics including 100% lightweight authentic wool, 100% supersoft cotton and 100% superfine cotton.

These luxurious mens sweaters come in a range of colours and styles, are supremely warm and comfortable and absolutely ooze high quality throughout.

They are perfect gift solutions for a loved one or friend, or of course, a little something for yourself and have price tags that represent outstanding value for money.

Discover mens Fynch-Hatton Pullovers online today! ›

More Fynch-Hatton Knitwear on the way…

We hope to be adding more premium quality mens knitwear from world-class mens knitwear brands in the months ahead, including more quality knitwear by Fynch-Hatton available to buy online.

We intend to add more styles and colours in a range of sizes in the coming months, so if you don't find what you are looking for today, be sure to explore the rest of our mens knitwear online and check back in with us regularly to see what we have in store.

Also be sure to follow our various social media channels to be amongst the first to hear about the latest items added to our online lineup including mens Fynch-Hatton Knitwear.

Fynch-Hatton Knitwear UK Free P&P!

We're pleased to report that we include FREE UK DELIVERY on our mens Fynch-Hatton Knitwear range available to buy online and indeed all of our online menswear lineup. So buy online today in confidence that you won't face any extra charges when it comes to the checkout, just as long as your delivery address resides in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, you might like to know that we also offer a range of express delivery upgrade options should you need your package delivered with a little more urgency.

Furthermore, for our international customers, we're also happy to ship internationally to any destination that we are permitted to, and have a range of international delivery options to suit all requirements and budgets.

Buy Fynch-Hatton Knitwear online or in our shops!

You can buy mens Fynch-Hatton Knitwear online right here in our online menswear store.

But did you know you can also buy mens Fynch-Hatton Knitwear in our high street menswear shops in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire?

So if you happen to live regionally close to either of our two shops, why not have a think about popping in some time to see our extensive and comprehensive range of premium quality menswear from world-class menswear brands at prices that represent outstanding value for money including our range of luxury mens knitwear from Fynch-Hatton as well as other world-class brands.

We'd be delighted to see you and assist in any way we can!