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Extra Long Shirts

Mens Extra Long Shirts

Extra Long Shirts for men available to buy online today from Sanders Menswear…

Discover our Extra Long Shirts for Men available to buy online today…

Our extra long shirts for men includes shirts by Peter England, renown globally for their shirtmaking expertise, designed to fit the taller man.

Peter England 'Plain Pride' Shirt (WHITE)
Price: 19.99
(inc. VAT at 20%) 

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More brands, styles and colours being added soon! Be sure to follow us for updates!

We're just getting off the ground with our online store, so for now have a limited selection of mens extra long shirts for tall men, but we will be endeavouring to add more in the coming weeks and months in a variety of colours and styles from other world class shirt manufacturers and brands as well. So if you don't find anything 'up your street' at this point in time, be sure to check in times ahead.

Classic White Extra Long Shirts for Men…

We are just beginning with our online store, and for now, as you may have noticed, we have one shirt style available in extra long size, though this is something we hope to change in the coming weeks and months as we add more stock to our online store lineup.

However, to get the ball rolling, we chose what we believe is probably one of the best and most popular options available when it comes to extra long shirts for men, and thats the classic white Peter England 'Plain Pride' Extra Long Shirt.

The Peter England Plain Pride Mens Extra Long white shirt is an outstandingly versatile shirt. At its heart, it is of course a formal shirt, perfect for day to day business and office wear.

But this classic white mens extra long shirt is also entirely suitable for smart casual wear for less formal occasions, such as an evening out for example, worn open neck with a suit, or a jacket perhaps.

It's fair to say that every man probably should have at least one white shirt in their wardrobe, and we think this shirt is the ideal choice when it comes to white extra long shirts for tall men, and also represents exceptional value for money.

Mens Extra Long Shirts with a little something extra…

The 'Plain Pride' mens extra long shirt we've chosen by Peter England, renown the world over for their shirtmaking expertise and shirts of distinction, is packed full of features and attention to detail that one would come to expect from a market leading shirt manufacturer.

One of the great features of this shirt is its single adjustable cuff that can be worn buttoned or with cufflinks depending on your preference. It also features Easycare properties meaning ironing shouldn't usually be required, or at least very little ironing will ever be required which has to be a bonus.

It doesn't stop there though. This extra long mens shirt has a cotton-rich fabric blend, consisting of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. The cotton portion of the fabric build gives a nice flow to the fabric and gives the shirt some 'breathability', whilst the polyester content in the shirt gives it some additional durability which should help to prolong its lifespan somewhat.

There are finishing touches aplenty on these extra long shirts for men including a topstitched shirt placket, a classic two-piece collar style, and stylish Peter England branded shirt buttons.

Extra Long Shirts UK Free P&P!

Our mens extra long shirts offer exceptional value for money.

Additionally, we hope you will be pleased to know that P&P is also entirely free on all our menswear products delivered to addresses in UK. So there's no extra postage and packaging charges when it comes to payment, so why not take advantage and stock up your wardrobe today!

More Extra Long Shirts for Men on their way soon…

Don't forget, we're just warming up with our online store and will be adding further extra long shirts for tall men in other colours as well as other brands and manufacturers in the weeks and months ahead.

So please be sure to bookmark us and stop by again if you don't find what you're looking for today.

Buy mens extra long shirts online or in our shops!

You can buy extra long shirts online right here in our online menswear shop today!

Additionally, you might be interested to know that if you live close to our high street menswear shops in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, you can also see and buy our extra long size shirts, together with the rest of our mens shirts range in store and browse the rest of our extensive and comprehensive range of menswear too.

We'd be delighted to see you and assure you of a warm welcome.