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Anatomic Shoe Care Guide

Anatomic Shoe Care Guide…

Keep your Anatomic Shoes in tip top condition with these top tips!

Our handy Anatomic Shoe Care Guide offers some top tips including care and maintenance help, as well as guidance advice from Anatomic & Co. themselves in order to help keep your pair of Anatomic Gel Shoes or Boots in tip-top condition, so they look and feel their absolute very best.

Anatomic & Co - The Comfort Shoemakers™

Our Anatomic Footwear Care Guide includes cleaning and drying tips and information, as well as materials you should try and avoid your Anatomic Shoes coming into contact with, together with information regarding the application of either Leather Cream or Leather Polish, and why it's important to try and give your Anatomic Gel Shoes a break.

5 Special Care and Maintenance Tips for your Anatomic Footwear…

The following handy tips and guidelines should help to keep your Anatomic Footwear, be it a pair of Anatomic Gel Comfort Shoes or Boots, looking and feeling their very best.

  • Cleaning:
    For cleaning your pair of Anatomic Gel Shoes, it is recommended that you use a water dampened cloth with neutral soap.
  • Avoid contact with:
    You should always try and avoid contact between chemicals, oils, fats, detergents, or harsh soaps and your pair of Anatomic Gel Shoes.
  • Drying:
    Allow your Anatomic Gel Shoes to dry at room temperature, and away from localised heat sources.
  • Application of Leather Cream / Polish:
    The application of a good quality leather cream or polish is recommended once your shoes have dried.

    This will help to ensure the continued suppleness and appearance of your Anatomic Gel Shoes.
  • Give your shoes a break!
    It's a good idea to try and change your shoes around every two days if possible.

    By doing this, you will help enable them to rest and recover, which will in turn allow the moisture absorbed from your feet to naturally disperse.

    It should be noted that perspiration can damage the leather lining of your shoes if allowed to accumulate.

There you have it… five top tips to help keep your Anatomic Shoes in tip top condition, we hope you find them useful!