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Anatomic & Co. Goias Lace Up Shoes

Goias Lace Up Shoes from Anatomic & Co. - The Comfort Shoemakers ™

100% Genuine leather, sheepskin lined gel technology comfort shoes…

Discover the Goias Lace Up shoe from Anatomic & Co. - the Comfort Shoemakers™. The Anatomic Goias shoe is a supremely comfortable and exquisitely stylish wide fitting lace up shoe for formal or casual wear and is available to buy online today from Sanders Menswear in a range of colours and sizes.

Goias Lace Up Shoes (TAN) by Anatomic & Co.
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Goias Lace Up Shoes (BLACK) by Anatomic & Co.
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Mens Goias Shoes - features and details...

As with all mens footwear by Anatomic & Co. the Goias lace up shoes are full of features and attention to detail, so let's explore them a little closer...

Expertly handcrafted:

All mens footwear by Anatomic & Co. is designed by talented designers in England and then ethically handcrafted in Brazil by experts - all of which results in quite probably the most comfortable pair of mens shoes you are ever likely to own.

High quality materials:

Anatomic & Co. use only the very best materials available in all their mens footwear range, including the Goias lace up shoes which are made from 100% genuine leather and also feature a superfine and supersoft sheepskin lining for supreme comfort and softness.

When you buy your first pair - try slipping into them in your bare feet and feel the delightful cushioned softness.

The leather upper of these mens Anatomic Goias lace up shoes is a soft natural grained leather which is sourced from one of the best tanneries to be found in Brazil, and is available exclusively only to Anatomic & Co.

Because the leather is natural it allows for perspiration to be easily absorbed helping to keep the feet cool as air can easily pass through. A minimum amount of chemicals are used in the treatment of the leather ensuring these mens lace ups look and feel absolutely natural, which is typically characterised by variations in both the colour and texture of the leather.

Additionally, the leather has been burnished to give it a sophisticated elegant and vintage looking finish.

Rubber Gel Sole:

The Goias range of mens shoes features Anatomic & Co.'s innovative Rubber Gel Sole.

These soles are made from natural rubber which is then mixed with a special gel formula that is entirely unique to Anatomic & Co. and helps to give the sole flexibility and resistance for a soft, non-slip cushioned feel whilst walking.

The leather welt element of the sole helps to give these mens lace up shoes additional flexibility and comfort, and also looks great.

Anti-bacterial layer:

Anatomic Goias shoes also feature a patented anti-bacterial layer beneath the soft sheepskin footbed, which helps with foot hygiene, helping to prevent bacteria and unpleasant foot odour from occuring.

Additionally, this layer also helps to assist with breathability and the absorption of moisture ensuring a longer lasting freshness.

Extra flexibility provided by a supple hinged insole:

Above the Rubber Gel Sole of these mens Goias shoes is a supple leather hinged insole layer. This layer is extremely flexible and can bent time and time again without breaking and will follow your natural foot movement and shape helping to cushion your feet whilst walking.

Wide Fitting:

These mens shoes have been designed to fit the wider foot.

Specially developed thread:

Another fabulous finishing touch of the Anatomic Goias shoe is the sewing thread in use which has been especially developed for use on Anatomic & Co.'s own sewing machines and is pretty much uniquely exclusive to them. Not only does the thread and the stitching look wonderful, it's resistant to discolouration and has been waxed to prevent penetration from water.

The stitching is one continuous thread through all the layers using the traditional McKay stitching method.

Goias Lace Ups - a stylish lace up shoe with supreme comfort...

Comfort Shoe specialists Anatomic & Co are renown for making some of the most comfortable shoes you will ever find. The Goias shoe works well as either a formal or smart casual shoe, but being a lace up shoe it is probably best suited for formal wear.

And as with all footwear from Anatomic & Co., these lace up shoes are wonderfully comfortable. In fact, they're so fabulously comfortable you might just forget that you are wearing a pair.

But the supreme comfort afforded by these shoes is most certainly not at the expense of stylish goods looks. The mens Anatomic Goias gel shoe is more than mere comfort footwear!

The entire range of mens footwear by Anatomic & Co. including the Goias shoe is also exquisitely stylish

Designed exclusively in England and then 100% crafted by hand by experts in Brazil using techniques mastered and used uniquely by Anatomic & Co., the resulting end product is a pair of mens lace ups that are flawlessly stylish down to every last little detail.

The Anatomic & Co. brand is one of our best-selling brands in our high street shops and it's plain to see why just by looking at these Goias shoes - nevermind the fact that any pair of Anatomic Shoes is likely to be the most comfy you'll ever wear.

Available colour choices...

The mens Goias lace up shoes range is available in two different colours, a classic black 100% full-grain leather, and a stylish tan 100% full-grain leather.

It is said that a pair of mens shoes, just like a suit, shouldn't be worn for two days running. So why not treat yourself to a pair of each colour and offer yourself some day to day variety.

Both colours work together exceptionally well with the Meyer Roma 344 Wool Blend formal trouser also available to buy online from us.

Anatomic Goias Shoes UK Free delivery!

Hopefully you may be interested to know that we provide free delivery on these Goias mens lace up shoes for delivery addresses within the UK. In fact we offer free postage & packaging for all menswear orders placed in our online store, just as long as your delivery address is within the United Kingdom.

So why not explore our online store and treat yourself, safe in the knowledge that you won't be faced with any hefty delivery charges when it comes to paying for your order.

Buy Anatomic Goias Shoes online or in our shops...

You can buy Anatomic Goias Shoes online from our online shop today, and if you live in the UK FREE standard delivery is included in the price.

Alternatively, if you live local to our Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire high street shops then why not come and see the mens Goias lace up shoe by Anatomic & Co. for yourself.

Furthermore, you'll be able to see a more extensive range of mens footwear including more footwear by Anatomic & Co., as well as other brands and indeed our expansive menswear range.

We assure you of a warm welcome and will be delighted to help in any way we can. However, even if you live just down the road from us, you are still very welcome to take advantage of our free delivery offer and buy your mens Goias shoes online from our store - the choice is absolutely yours!