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Anatomic Gel Technology

Anatomic Gel Technology®…

A look at the gel technology behind the Anatomic Gel shoe range…

Anatomic Gel Technology® is a key feature of the range of supremely comfortable and stylish mens shoes from Anatomic & Co. - The Comfort Shoemakers™, styled in the UK and expertly crafted with care in Brazil.

Here, we'll explore the Anatomic Gel Technology® behind each pair of Anatomic Gel Shoes in closer detail, and take a look at the individual components that help form the construction of the supremely comfortable range of mens footwear by Anatomic & Co. available to buy online today at Sanders Menswear of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.

Anatomic Gel Technology diagram

How Anatomic Footwear is constructed…

The majority of Anatomic & Co. Footwear, with very little exception is constructed as above (click to zoom in).

The Anatomic Gel Technology® formula for natural foot movement makes Anatomic Gel footwear incredibly comfortable to wear. The key lies in how Anatomic footwear is made, and what they are made of.

The sole is made from a natural rubber combined with gel — a secret combination that no other manufacturer uses. It cushions the foot and flexes with it.

Together with Anatomic's signature features shown, this results in "the most comfortable shoes money can buy".


Anatomic & Co.'s shoe uppers consist of 100% bovine full grained leather, and allows any perspiration to be absorbed.

The soft leather of the shoe upper is silky and extremely soft, and is sourced from the best tannery in Brazil which is exclusive to Anatomic Gel Technology.

Characteristic variations in colour and texture are typical features of naturally treated quality leathers, creating a pleasing appearance to each pair of shoes.


The shoe lining within each pair of Anatomic Gel shoes from Anatomic & Co. consists of Shearling - Sheep Skin.


Anatomic Gel Shoes have a leather hinged insole, allowing the shoe to be flexed as many times as necessary without breaking for cushioned walking and comfort throughout the day.

The insole is divided in to 4 layers: The insole has a double layer of foam (polyurethane) and Latex. Polyurethane allows comfort by giving the shoe a memory, it comes back to the original shape once it is not been worn and Latex gives the insole resistance. It also has one layer of patented antibacterial fabric plus one layer of sheep skin.

Rubber Gel Sole…

The sole consists of rubber mixed with a special gel to give the sole resistance and flexibility for soft non-slippery walking comfort.

The rubber sole manufacturer has a commitment with environmental issues and recycles all the factory waste and components leftovers and ISO 9001: 2002 certified (International Organization for Standardization) and member of the SATRA Technology Centre.

PU Gel Sole (Polyurethane)…

Which is versatile, flexible, very light and durable.


The thread used in the Anatomic Gel Shoe range is a specially developed thread, of high quality, and is resistant to discolouration.

Furthermore, the thread is then also waxed to help prevent water penetration and subsequent deterioration.


Anatomic & Co.'s shoes are 100% stitched through (using the McKay method).

The sewing machines used by Anatomic & Co. for the stitching were developed specially for this purpose, and its difficult to find one of its kind elsewhere.


Anatomic & Co. has a leather welt making the shoe more flexible, more comfortable to wear, and pleasing to the eye. It should be noted that some styles are not welted.

Buy Mens Anatomic Gel Footwear online…

We hope you've enjoyed our insight into the wondrous Anatomic Gel Technology® and the build of an Anatomic Gel pair of shoes.

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