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The Anatomic & Co. Story

The Anatomic & Co. Story…

The history behind world renown comfort shoe specialists — Anatomic & Co…

Here we delve into the history of Anatomic & Co. 'The Anatomic & Co. Story' takes a look at the story behind the world famous Anatomic & Co. - The Comfort Shoemakers™ and their Anatomic Gel comfort shoe range styled in the UK and made in Brazil, and together with the company's founder Jose Rosa Jacomete.

Anatomic & Co. Footwear


Men's footwear from Anatomic & Co. has reached a new plateau in shoe comfort thanks to the use of the highest quality leather and exclusive Anatomic Gel Technology, and takes walking into a whole new dimension.

However, the story behind the product started more than 40 years ago, when a boy left his home town and family in the interior of Brazil to try to achieve a better life on his own in Sao Paulo, at one of the most important production centres of shoes and leather goods in the country.

Humble beginnings…

The 13 year old, Jose Rosa Jacomete, nicknamed by his family Zuza, got his first job at a factory immediately and learned all crafts involved in shoemaking, design, pattern cutting and the footwear trade, both practicing and training at specialised technology centres.

Something that was just a job to make money to help his family gradually became a fashion. After 20 years experience, Zuza decided to open a small factory and his main focus was to create a type of footwear that was not only comfortable but was made with refined raw materials and at a competitive price.

The Anatomic Gel Technology was born and the tests involving new leathers, soles and linings together with shoe fittings were intensified.

Comfort AND style…

Made with padded ankle supports, smooth internal seams, soft sheep leather linings, tumble grain silky leather uppers, full anatomic footbeds and deep comfort cushioning with classic and refined styling, Anatomic & Co. became the finest pair of shoes that money can buy!

Anatomic & Co. footwear being expertly handcrafted

Anatomic & Co. footwear offers maximum comfort without sacrificing style, which is something of a rarity among comfortable footwear brands, and this is one of the main reasons why the brand has become so successful world wide.

Taking on the world…

More than twenty years of development and research have made the brand successful worldwide.

Anatomic & Co. HQ

The point of entry into the international market was the UK and nowadays Anatomic & Co. is present in over 60 countries, winning customers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Japan, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America and also China where it occupies the high quality niche market.

Wide-ranging appeal…

Anatomic & Co. Founder, Zuza (right)

The quality and comfort of Anatomic & Co. footwear does not just attract the more mature age group, their design also appeals to the younger generation - one that was used to trainers and finds it difficult to make the transition to normal shoes with leather soles.

An admirable ethical stance…

Anatomic & Co., its founder Zuza, and his worldwide partners have been tirelessly developing styles over the seasons with two important things in mind:

Comfortable stylish shoes made to a high quality, and commitment to fair-trade and human rights which are the trademark of the Brazilian footwear industry.

Buy Anatomic Shoes online or in our shops…

We're pleased to report you can now buy Anatomic Gel Shoes and Boots online in our recently launched online menswear store. We've a continually growing selection available in a range of styles, colours and of course sizes, with many more to come.

Or, why not pay a visit to one of our high street Menswear shops in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire region and see for yourself the extraordinary Mens Anatomic & Co. Comfort Footwear range, and whilst you're here, you'll also have the opportunity to explore the rest of our extensive menswear range featuring premium quality menswear from only the very best quality menswear brands.We'd be delighted to see you and assure you of a warm friendly welcome.