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Why choose Sanders Menswear?

10 great reasons to choose us for your menswear & formal hire wear requirements…

You may have been browsing our website and asking yourself, 'Well, why should I choose Sanders Menswear for my menswear or formal suit hire wear requirements as opposed to looking or choosing somewhere else?'.

It is of course a valid and very sensible question that's well worth asking before making any shopping or purchasing decisions.

So we thought you might find it helpful if we put together a list of 10 great reasons why we think you should choose to shop at Sanders Menswear either in our high street shops or using our online store for all your menswear and formal suit hire wear requirements.

The truth of the matter is, we could probably put together a list of 100 great reasons to shop with us if we really wanted to, but we believe the 10 reasons we've chosen below should be more than enough to convince you to either buy online from us or visit one of our high street shops.

Ten great reasons to choose Sanders Menswear…

Here we go then, 10 great reasons why we think you should choose Sanders Menswear for your menswear and formal suit hirewear requirements…

  • Experience...
    Sanders Menswear were established back in 1935. Over three quarters of a century ago! And with that amount of time in business comes a certain level of expertise and experience that other more recently established retailers can't possibly attain.
  • Service...
    We take great pride in ensuring the service provided in-store by our experienced tailors and sales assistants is highly personalised, friendly - yet professional and above all, helpful.
  • High street shops...
    As well as having an online presence, and our own recently launched online store, we also have two high street shops in prominent high street locations in East Midlands towns in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire region.

    Read more about our high street menswear shops.
  • Choice...
    At Sanders Menswear, we go to great lengths to ensure we provide an extensive array of high quality menswear products in each of our high street shops, all of which are carefully and expertly chosen from leading reputable menswear brands, often renown on an international basis for their extraordinary attention to detail, exquisitely stylish design, quality components, and comprehensive manufacturing processes which are sometimes highly ethical in nature.

    You may have noticed our online store is presently far more limited in terms of choice than our high street shops. This is of course something we are working on. We have however carefully chosen the items we are offering online, and you can be sure we'll be expanding our lineup in the months ahead to provide a more comprehensive selection of menswear items to buy online.
  • Customer Care...
    We are big on Customer Care and ensuring our customers are our number one priority. We'd like you to continue shopping with us in months and years to come, so it's in our interest to make you our number one priority.

    In fact we're so big on customer care, we put together this Customer Care Promise.
  • Value for Money...
    As an independent retailer with two high street shops, we have some flexibility in terms of our buying power and we are in a position to buy stock for our high street shops and our online store at highly competitive prices, which in turn enables us to pass those prices on to you!

    Furthermore, we carefully choose our menswear from established world class menswear brands that we believe represent outstanding value for money.

    Oh, and just one more thing as a certain detective once used to say... if you live within UK mainland, and buy online from us, we offer FREE STANDARD DELIVERY!
  • Expert tailoring services...
    Tailoring is one of our many specialist subjects here at Sanders Menswear.

    Whether its a ready to wear 'off the peg' suit you are looking for, mix and match tailoring, tailoring alterations to an existing suit item purchased from us, or our expert tailoring assistance and guidance, we are here to help!
  • Putting the 'special' into special occasion...
    Have a special occasion on the horizon that will require you, and/or family/friends to be suitably attired?

    Then why not pop in and see us and view our extensive range of formal suit hire wear from the Peter Posh and Cameron Ross Hire wear collections.

    Whether it's a Wedding, a Day at the Races, a luxury cruise, a Prom event, a special evening out, or indeed any other formal occasion, Sanders Menswear are bound to be able to provide just the right formal outfit for you from the extensive range of superb quality formal hire wear we have access to.
  • Only the very best...
    Whilst we carry an extensive range of high quality menswear products and brands, we carefully select from amongst the worlds finest and most reputable menswear brands, often established for many decades and renown on an international basis for their extraordinary attention to detail and exquisitely stylish menswear.

    Amongst the many quality menswear brands we regularly carry and stock in our menswear stores are, but not limited to...

    Anatomic & Co., Azor La Mode, Barbour, Barker, Benvenuto, Camel Active, Carabou Menswear, Douglas, Failsworth, Farah, Folkespeare Neckwear, Front, Fynch-Hatton, Peter Gribby, HJ Hall Socks, Hatico, Hoggs of Fife, Hugo James, Magee, Meyer, Olymp, Peter England, Remus Uomo, Rocola Eveningwear, Sax, Soprano, Tilley, Tootal, Viyella, and Wolsey to name but a few.

    Our online store will follow suit as we continue to grow and develop it and make more items available for online purchase in the coming months, so look out for more brands and more extraordinary quality menswear in our online store too in the months ahead!
  • Our reputation!
    As we stated previously Sanders Menswear have been in the business for over three quarters of a century, in fact, in 2015, we celebrate our 80th anniversary.

    It's fair to say that no business can survive that long without getting at least something right along the way.

    Here at Sanders Menswear, we've developed an enviable reputation over the years for our high standards in terms of the products we offer, the services we provide, and our high customer care standards.

    But don't just take our word for it, why not take a look at what a selection of our customers have had to say on our Customer Testimonials page.

Well, there you have it, what we feel are 10 great reasons to choose Sanders for your menswear and formal suit hirewear requirements, but we hope you don't just take our word for it, why not come and see for yourself in our high street shops, or buy online from us today, we think you'll be glad you did!