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About us - Our website masthead

About our website…

Learn more about the Sanders Menswear website and some of its key features…

Here we take a closer look at the Sanders Menswear website, and explore some of the many useful features we've implemented to help you make the most out of our site.


As with any retail website, the Sanders Menswear website is our shop window to the world.

We take pride and joy in ensuring our website is informative, helpful, simple to use, and just like our actual shop windows, is pleasing to the eye.

Our site is indeed a labour of love for us and we hope it shows. However, we are aware of some small shortcomings of the site and realise much can be improved and added, and we will be endeavouring to tend to these in the times ahead as best as we can.

A look at some of the content and features on our website…

As well as our newly launched online store that features as part of our website, our website also features details of our high street shops together with the menswear and mens formal suit hirewear and tailoring services available from them (as you will notice from the links in the navigational menu to be found on the left hand side of most pages across the website).

We've also included many additional useful features to help you make the most out of our website. Let's take a look at just a few of those features…

Easy Navigation

We've worked hard to design a simple, clutter-free, and consistent navigational menu (to be found on the left-hand side of most pages across our site), to help get you where you want to go, quickly and with ease.

We've made a feature of our Online Store links in the left-hand menu by boxing them out, so that they stand out and are easy to see.

The Sanders Menswear logo at the top left of all pages across the site links straight back to our home page for convenience.

Just below our logo, most pages across the site now also feature something known as a 'breadcrumb trail' which shows you a path of exactly where you are on the site, together with links into parent sections and pages.

Underneath our breadcrumb trail, we've now also implemented a 'Return to previous page' link, a convenient way to quickly return back to the page you were previously viewing.

Our website now also features a new deep footer area at the bottom of every page, which includes links to all the main sections and key pages on our website, as well as links to our various social media channels including our Facebook, Twitter and Google + profiles.

Furthermore, this footer area also includes our payment methods accepted (as far as our online store is concerned), as well as a summary of our contact details, and various ways of contacting us through our website.

Site Search Facility

If for any reason you do have difficulty finding the content you are looking for, then why not try our handy site search tool towards the top-right hand corner of each page on our website.

Simply type your search query into the search box and press return or the 'Go!' button to the right of the query, and the search results will follow shortly afterwards. Read useful tips regarding our site search facility.

Store Search Facility

We also have a secondary search tool which is aimed specifically at searching for products in our online store. This search facility resides in the left hand navigation menu of our online store pages only.

Accessibility Features

At Sanders Menswear, we are of the strong belief that anyone with a computer and an internet connection should be able to access and use our site without being hampered with unnecessary obstacles.

We have taken great care and various measures and steps in order to help our website follow accessibility standards as best as we possibly can. We are aware of some minor shortcomings in relation to accessibility since adding our online store to the site. However, we are working hard to improve the site in this regard in any way we can, and will continually endeavour to do so as best as we are able.

We've also worked hard to ensure our site is accessible as possible to as many people as we possibly can by ensuring the site should work well and display as intended across all major web browsers on desktop computers and most major tablet devices.

We are aware at the present time that our site has limitations when it comes to viewing and using it on some smaller mobile devices (i.e. smartphones). However, we are working towards redeveloping the site to a responsive web design format, so it can be fully friendly to any device it is viewed on.

In our Accessibility Statement you can read more about the measures we have taken and our plans for the future.

Shopping Bag

In the top right hand corner of all pages across our site, you should now see a Shopping Bag graphic headed 'My Shopping Bag' - this is your shopping bag / cart / basket for our online store.

If you are on one of the pages within the buy online section of our website, you should see a summary of your shopping bag in the top right corner, which indicates the number of items placed within your bag, and the total value of those items in GBP Sterling (£). Clicking the shopping bag graphic will take you to the full My Shopping Bag page where you can then proceed to the checkout should you wish to proceed with purchasing any items placed in your bag.

For pages outside of our buy online section, such as this page, or our hirewear pages for example, this summary is replaced by a link to your Shopping Bag. Once again, clicking the shopping bag graphic will take you to the full My Shopping Bag page where you can then proceed to the checkout should you wish to proceed with purchasing any items placed in your bag.

Useful options menu

Most of the pages outside of the online store section of the website also include a Useful Options menu with handy options to print a 'printer-friendly' version of the current page, bookmark it, recommend or tell a friend about it, send us some feedback, or quickly jump back to the top of the page. The Useful Options menu can be found at the bottom of the right-hand sidebar across most non-store pages of the site.

Additionally there is also a link to return straight back to the top of the page and a link to send us Feedback at any point. Also within the Useful Options toolbar at the bottom of each page is an option entitled 'ShareThis' which we'll discuss next.

'AddThis' - Content Sharing and Social Bookmarking options

The 'AddThis' feature implemented towards the top-right area of most pages across our website is a great way of bookmarking and discussing any page on our website on your favourite / preferred social bookmarking site (over 250 different social bookmarking networks are covered from the more popular networks such as Digg, Delicious, Technorati and Stumbleupon to less common services). Additionally, you can also add our site to your blog/social networking profile, again many major networks are covered, and it's easy to do.

Social Media

Links to our various Social Media channels (e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Google+) can be found in our new deep footer area across all pages on the website. Additionally, in the right-hand sidebar across most non-store pages on our website we have a 'Sanders Menswear on Social Media...' menu with options to follow us on Twitter & Facebook, as well as Like, Share, and Tweet options for any page you are viewing.

Newsletter / Mailing List

Be sure to sign up to our newsletter / mailing list for all the latest news, offers and exclusives. Whether it's news on our latest stock arrivals, exclusive special offers, sale announcements and competitions, you won't want to miss out on this newsletter when it launches in the near future, so be sure to subscribe through our Newsletter subscription page or fill in the very short Newsletter Signup form found in the right-hand sidebar of most non-store pages across the website.

Keeping things fresh…

Here at Sanders Menswear we aim to continually develop a uniquely helpful and useful menswear website that not only showcases the products we sell and services we offer, but provides additional useful help and information. We are also keen to ensure our website and its content remains fresh, informative, and adapts to your needs and requirements.

As we mentioned earlier our website is a labour of love for us, and is a permanently on-going project, just like our high street shops and the stock we carry. We work on various aspects of our website on a daily basis to ensure it remains fresh, informative and helpful to you.

Tell us what you think…

How are we doing? We'd love to hear what you think of the Sanders Menswear website!

We hope we are doing well, but we know many improvements can be made and there is still much left to do (our 'to do' list for the website is a long one!). We also appreciate we may not always get things right.

So, in the unfortunate instance you've encountered difficulties, or problems using the Sanders Menswear website and would like to offer your comments or feedback then we'd be delighted to hear from you.

Maybe you had difficulty finding your way around or had trouble finding the what you were looking for. Or perhaps you'd like to tell us how much you liked and enjoyed using our website.

Whatever you have to say, we'd love to hear it and we'll take your comments on board and where appropriate we'll act on them wherever we can as soon as we are able to do so.

So please feel free to send us your thoughts and comments via our Feedback form.