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About us…

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Want to discover and read more about Sanders Menswear and what we stand for including our company ethos, background and history, useful information relating to our company and more? Then be sure to explore our 'About Us' section to find out more.

In our 'About Us' section we'll take a detailed look at our business. We kick off with some basic useful information about our company which includes details of our company registration including our registered office and company registration number.

If you're interested in reading a little bit more about Sanders Menswear and our background, and how we it all began for us on our 80 years and counting journey, then we hope you will find our company history helpful.

We'll then delve into our company ethos and explore reasons why we think you should shop at Sanders Menswear for all your quality menswear and formal suit hire wear requirements.

However, don't just take our word for why we think you should shop with us, why not read just some of the extensive positive feedback we've had from happy and satisfied customers on our Customer Testimonials page.

Other topics covered in our 'About Us' section…

Customer care and satisfaction is our top priority here at Sanders Menswear, afterall our customers are our greatest asset and we'd like our customers to come back to us time and time again when it comes to shopping for quality menswear and formal suit hire.

Our Customer Care Promise details how we consistently strive to achieve high standards of customer care when it comes to customer service and communications, and what to do if you feel we haven't lived up to your expectations in this regard.

Additionally, we'll also take a closer look at our website in our About our website page, and detail some of the many great features and information we've included across the pages of our website in order to help make your time on our site as beneficial and pleasant an experience as we possibly can.

Furthermore, our recruitment opportunities provides details of any vacancies that may be available with us here at Sanders Menswear, whilst our business opportunities page details how to get in touch with us if you have a business opportunity that you think we might be interested in.


We hope you find the information you are looking for in our 'About Us' section.

If you are having any kind of difficulty finding what you're looking for about Sanders Menswear on our site then don't forget you can always use our handy site search tool at the top of each page, or alternatively please feel free to contact us.